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What are you listening to right now?




Here’s a playlist created to commemorate me not being binned from AGC15


Chiptune cover of a christmas song by the Swedish synth duo Adolphson & Falk.


This song would be great for a sequel to Burnout Paradise, if Criterion Games ever made such a thing:

I think lead vocalist Taylor Momsen must have used this song from Virtua Fighter 3 as inspiration for the main and opening riff to the first song - the first few notes of both tracks sound very similar:


A song I have completely underrated as the GNR fan I am until now. Such a passion in the refrain for example.


“Everytime I die” …This time was the last time I guess Alexis :disappointed_relieved:
As you may be know it or guessed it, the leader of Children Of Bodom, Alexis Laiho, passed away yesterday, at the age of 41 years…
A part of my teenage is gone with this guy, I still have his guitar tho…


yes i like pop music dont @ me
also the song doesnt start until around 20 seconds if you want to skip the intro


Driving in my Olssonononon?


I have Olssonom?



I love metal, country and this song



An old favourite of mine!


…feels so right to listen to this mix while looking at the pictures of the RAUK-Olsson 97 :stuck_out_tongue: