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What car is that?


Hello everybody,
Recently me and a few friends found this photograph and we could not identify the car.
No, it is not badly made cobra replica…
I cannot see any emblems or other hints, and the photo is not of the best quality either.

Unfortunately I do not have any other pictures of it, this is the only one.

Can anyone identify the car model and make?


It appears to be an AC Ace, the predessecor to the Cobra.


That was our first thought aswell. But look closely. There are too many things different although it looks very similar on first sight…

  1. Air vents between the front wheels and the doors
  2. the ac has a much higher hood than the car in the picture
  3. the overall form of the front fascia. It looks rather similar but when you look closely you can see that it has a different shape. the grill, position of the lights, the curves of the fenders and hood.
  4. Shape of the door.

I am pretty sure it is no AC Ace although it looks very similar on the first sight…


Looking at the front grille, it looks like it is an old Ferrari, due to what seems to be a prancing horse in the middle of the grille.


I dont think its a ferrari. I cant think of any ferrari that looks like that on the top of my head.


At first i thought it can be some of old maseratis but after searching at web i thought its hawk motors but it’s not.


I spent about an hour looking for Maserati and Ferrari racecars of the 50s and couldn’t find any car that looks the same as the one in the OP.

But, one thing that I noticed was that many Ferraris of the decade had the fog lights integrated in the grill as does the one in the photo. Maybe it’s just a lesser-known variation from one of the many racecars Ferrari made back then.


Searching up online, I’m pretty sure that is an AC Ace.

Edit: Realise my mistake. Was looking at the wrong image.


I think the doors on an Ace look a little different, smaller and rounder.