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What Cars listed in Local Classifieds make you go "WTF?"


Police cruiser being auctioned by the government for a $50 minimum bid… It’s got a bit of fire damage.


Just a tad.


Eh, it’ll buff out.


Now here’s a good “WTF?”

Someone has a running NSU RO 80 for sale.


I want now :heart_eyes:


Im sad the listing’s gone and I can’t find a picture anymore but I saw a bright pink 1994 fiat punto cabrio with huge plastic eyelashes glued to the headlights and the interior was covered with skinned hello kitty plushies.


I have no idea why car eyelashes is a thing.


Some people think it’s cute. I see them increasingly here, especially while at or near university. Because every college girl with a used Kia Soul wants to make it look like an 8 year old’s art project.



That screams identity crisis more than the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet.


I don’t know… That almost looks like a modern interpretation of a “custom hot rodded fast and furious drift tuner rice-making drift speed machine”


This is what you get when you browse cars in the 500 € range.


Jesus Christ… at least remove some of the snow before snapping a pic. For all we know, Wiley Coyote might have dropped an ACME safe on the roof.


So it’s been two years and it’s time to revive this thread.


This thing will run you $68,000 CAD.


It’s like the worst of the Malaise era and early 2000s rice had a baby.

Disgustingly unique :thinking:


Sometimes I can see different variations of light truck, popular in my location. But this one- is a new word in modifications.

LCV called Gazelle. Trailer brand- unknown. (Once I’ve seen even longer trailer- 3 axles, 13 meters long (don’t know how much it is in feet, but it’s lenght near to euro-semi trailer for normal truck)


The brand-new VW Polo


Am I late? Of course not.

Oh boy, I found this


Oh yeah, now you will be terrorised
this is a meme, i will translate to you
but yeah
its real
“Sellin car 2001/1984/1999
Coming is Gol(VW), passing is Passat(VW) and going is Fiesta(Ford) and document from Fiesta is Ok
I Dispense curious people”
Oh yeah, the price is R$3.000, that would be something like 600 dollars


The ad said it was rust free