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What Cars listed in Local Classifieds make you go "WTF?"


Spares only.



‘Need Spice’

Also it’s a classic don’t you know?


i mean, its half way there. Id hardly say a hyundai accent is a valuable car. only 80k on the clock though so not bad for something that old


i mean a hyundai accent is more an also ran/banger than a classic, heck my rover 100 Ascot SE with alloy wheels is more a classic than that hyundai


I mean, does it come with an engine or not??


Usually when an ad says that, they mean the engine is kaput, not actually removed from the car.


5.9 Limited is the trim name. :slightly_smiling_face: Rare model even if engine is broken.


It is physically the same engine as in the other 98+ trucks. Just has a performance tune.


A supercharged version of that engine, developing 360 horsepower, was used in the contemporary Durango Shelby SP-360 - I wonder what it would have felt like in a Grand Cherokee? Very fast indeed for its size, that’s for sure - and it would have been the Trackhawk of its day.