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What is unreal engine


I have looked at youtube videos of unreal engine versions of this game. They look nicer than what I have, is this a thing I have to download? Does it come automatically? What even is it? From a first day noob.


You need to opt into the open beta branch of the game from your Steam library. Once you’ve done that and the download is completed, in the game launcher there will be the option to run the UE4 version of the game which you see in the Little Dev Updates.


Unreal Engine is the software package (‘engine’) used to build the basic structure of the game program, especially the visual parts. UE is a very popular engine, many games have used it, and so it is well developed and offers far more features and performance compared to the Kee engine Automation has been using until now.


Just in case you need help with Killrob’s instructions, go to Automation in your Steam library. Right click on it, and select “Properties” from the list. On the properties menu, click the “Beta” tab at the top, and click “Opt in to Beta”.

Now when you start going forwards, the third option on the list should be Beta.


I have done everything you said, but when I launch the UE beta it takes a while, plays a very controrted version of the theme tune, and won’t repond to my clicks. Furthermore it’s so laggy that I can’t take it off full screen and I have to force shut down my computer. What now?


Post your hardware specs and we’ll see what’s going on. You may have to adjust the settings of the Beta version.


The latest patch comes with a safemode, try to launch it with that.