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What multiplayer games would be considered for the next exporter?


Given the possibility for additional exporters in the future to allow multiplayer racing in Automation cars, what would be some viable options for the game to export cars to?



I dont think the devs have any intentions to make cars exportable to other games. Maybe after automation 1.0 but honestly I dont think they’ll really want to try.

In regards to multiplayer IIRC beam is trying to get MP to work, so theres really no point in making an additional exporter just for a multiplayer game, just wait for beam to get MP


I’m going based on a reply from the Automation channel saying that it would be something they’d like to do, but would require a lot of cooperation from the devs of the other game. As for Beam multiplayer, I guess I got discouraged from that idea when I kept hearing from everyone that it would be nearly impossible to add. As for release time, I do agree that it would be reasonable to assume completing the game would come first.