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What Would You Do? - Season 1 (Satin Autosport)


I think the downward spikes might be some sort of glitch. There was never a time at which I had THAT low of income, except right after taking over the company in '78.


just a notice. i have not forgotten about this. as i said 2 weeks earlier. i gave it 2 weeks. and i am now preparing the challenge for the first season.


Gotta dig my microphone out and get ready to fail



##Satin Autosport

  • Founded in 1967, with a starting capitol of $300M
  • Started with a few friends wanting to make their own car, and a few of them are engineers. (all are aged below 25, 2 engineers. but very shit ones.)
  • Specializing in small spaceframe based track toy cars with fibre glass body panels.
  • Difficulty multiplier of 2.38x. no starting tech pool (don’t worry. it isn’t as hard as the difficulty suggest, as long as you are daring to take drastic measures)

###limitation for this season.

  • no more 1 car is allowed to be in engineering at the same time, because it reflects the reality of a small team making cars. (a limitation for this season.)
  • and must be at the earliest 1 year after the finish of the last car.

their first car, the Mark A I, was a massive hit on the amateur racing scene. so is their second car the Mark A II, but the Mark A III was just an incremental update with a little bump to the engine, basicallly just stagnation, and at the same time the nation’s economy is also looking grim with no prospect of it getting better anytime soon.

it’s mid 1980 right now. and the company is on the brink of bankcruptcy. DRASTIC measures has to be taken, just in order to survive. and even after surviving the economy crash. you will only have 1 shot of making another hit car to make the company rise again. so.

as this starts in the 1980. it shouldn’t be too long. so i think 1 month time for all your video is enough?

Satin Autosport - 1980.zip (229.1 KB)

*the new file


I’ll start on this on the weekend. Can’t wait to get wrecked!


I’m going to start… but “video”…? are you requiring us to record/send in game footage? Because I don’t have (nor do I have any interest in installing) a game DVR program. I’ll still play it by myself if video’s required.


not required. but encouraged. i am trying to make this a youtuber thing. but if you just want to play along without making a video. it’s totally fine. just inform us post your progress here :slight_smile:


double post because major derp.

i uploaded the wrong campaign save file. the one from before is nigh impossible to be saved. the current (and correct) one is now up and is more reasonable


Check out the slick banner gif in the OP :wink:

Bonus points to anyone who can guess all the cars.


Is there a murcielago, an S2000, a Datsun 240z and an NSX?


Close. RX7 FC, Diablo, S2000 and MP4-12C. All in chronological order.


dang it, i was going to say diablo but then i changed my mind and said murcielago instead


You’re a Dorito guy, how could you not recognize the FB?! :open_mouth:


Because the FD springs to mind when i think RX-7…I know a feeble excuse :sob:


Video coming out tomorrow!

And this car is a god…

How will it let me sell that crap pile for that much?!


What programs do you use to record? Also, I don’t have a microphone, it’s possible to record with a cellphone phone plugged to the microphone entry?


if you’re willing to, you can record using a recording app that may have come with your phone, if not, just try one from the store.

after recording, you can transfer the audio files to your computer for editing.

also i’m using dxtory. but OBS works too, and that’s the free option…


If you have an older AMD GPU or Intel integrated use OBS. If you have an Nvidia GPU use shadowplay. If you have a dx12 capable (R9 2xx or better) AMD GPU use the built in recorder in the driver settings. Any headset will record sound good enough.


of course i forgot to put mine on here

Ep 1.

Ep 2 should be out within 4 hours from this post is posted but here’s the link anyway


Here is my first one!

Thanks Koolkei for doing this!