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Whatever happened to the i5 engines?


Last I heard of the inline 5 was that there were issues with the sound(?) so was just wondering if there was any news?


still an issue with the devs not having the sounds IIRC


Just cut the V10 sound samples in a half how hard can it be


Yes, still the same status, no sounds yet. We may get them in time for the LC V3 update, which would make the engine selection complete with us adding B4, B6, and I5s!


Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work guys!


Don’t say “we may get them” if you’re not reasonably sure you will because that will just get interpreted by most players as “we will get them” :stuck_out_tongue:


Most = the 20 people reading this thread out of the 60k owners of Automation? :smiley:


Well most players who read this. But if you don’t happen to get the sounds, maybe you could use placeholder sounds like from V10 or something and change it later? Or will that just make people angry… :expressionless:


I do not want to deal with the hundreds of messages we’d get with people pointing that out :stuck_out_tongue: it’s just not worth it for us due to how people react. If it was just for us / me, we would have had soundless I5s for some 6 months now. We do have the sounds for boxers, fortunately.


lol, yeah I have watched how other game forums have gone with some of the nuisance bugs, even though this group is usually pretty calm about them.


Boxers would be so nice. Would there be any way to secretly opt-in to them, that only a reasonably sophisticated player would do? Like, create a file in the game directory called like ENABLE_SOUNDLESS_ENGINES that the game could look for?

I really want to make sub Clonebarus. And try to model some aircraft engines that are flat-4 and flat-6, boxers should be close enough to try to emulate a Continental IO-550 or something.


No, then what happens is that people see others using I5s and they get pissed that they do not have them. Assume the maximum level of entitlement and stupidity, then you get pretty close to the reaction to whatever you add to the game xD :smiley:


Sigh. I want to disagree, but I know you’re right. Oh well.


We need 10L monocylinder :sunglasses:


Monolitre 10 cylinder, maybe


Yeah, so basically all the important people. :sunglasses:


You can’t make such large engines. Max 120mm Bore.
Closest would be 446 Cid (120mmx108mm) or 497 Cid (120mmx120mm) With 6 cylinders.


I nominate @Killrob to record the I5 engine sounds with his own voice as a placeholder then.


Lanz Bulldog approves