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What's your current gaming setup?


Yep, it still holds its own in pretty much all modern games. Only times I see a slowdown are when exporting stuff from Adobe software or if I try to run Beam and Automation simultaneously.


Ye olde main beast built from whatever was cheapest at the time, was neat enough when I built it:

Gigabyte H67MA-USB3-B3 so no real overclocking.
I5 2500k @ 3.6 with a recent upgrade from the stock cooler to a Coolermaster Hyper TX3 Evo.
4x4gb 1333mhz Kingston valueram, 2 totally different models paired.
2 different Western Digital 2TB Green drives, can’t remember which models.
240gb Sandisk SSD held in with velcro because I’ve run out of drive bays.
Sapphire RX470 NITRO+ 8gb
Corsair CX600

And I’ve finally upgraded from my old 17" 1280x1024 monitor from 2006 this year, with a Viewsonic VG2439. It’s coming up 8 years old now but still plays what I want pretty well so can’t really knock it.

Main laptop for what use it gets is an Ideapad Y50:

I7 4700HQ
8gb ram
1tb Western Digital Hybrid SSHD thing which is a bit crap, will upgrade it soon but the machine doesnt see much use.
Nvidia GTX 860M 2gb.

Mainly I tend to stick to older hardware anyway, I find I get a good lifespan out of stuff most of the time.


HP Notebook 15 (2014)

Intel Core i5 4210U @ 2.4 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 820M
5400RPM 1TB Hard disk drive
External old VGA 1280x1024 screen that i mainly use with a HDMI -> VGA adapter
Internal 1366x768 screen that i dont use
Internal keyboard that is broken, i use an old Fujitsu Siemens external keyboard now
Internal DVD drive that is broken


Here’s y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶l̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶h̶a̶r̶d̶w̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶p̶o̶r̶n my setup as of now – I call her “Clara”.

AMD Ryzen 2700X (stock clocks, planning to beef up the cooler to a CRYORIG R1 when I have the time)
ASUS Prime B450-PLUS (ASUS reliability and customer support, and had everything I needed without compromise.)

NVidia/Zotac GTX 1060-6GB amp! Edition (Handles 144hz/1080p like a champ.)
2x8GB G.Skill RIPJAWS V 3200Mhz (Ryzen is RAM-hungry – 3200 is certainly a nice change from 2133)

SilverStone 650W “Strider”, 80+GOLD (Enough wattage for what I ask for it.)
FRACTAL Design Meshify C TG (Not just a pretty face. Dual front USB 3.0 saved a chunk of time usually spent fishing around the back of my old case finding a 3.0 port.

Peripherals and Storage
CRUCIAL MX500 250GB SSD (Probably the weakest link. It’s not the fastest or the most reliable SSD on the market, but it was in a competitive price bracket, and it works well enough as a boot drive.)

WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM (I really didn’t expect 7200RPM to make much of a difference, having used 5400RPM for as long as I could remember. Good lord, how I was proven wrong.)

Acer KG271A 27’, 144hz/1080p (And if you thought that was a drastic improvement, you have got to try out 120-144hz. I can’t believe I’ve been using 60hz for so long… it feels so outdated now. DisplayPort master race!)

Acer K222HQL 21.5’, 60Hz/1080p (The oldest component in my rig by a massive margin. I’ve had it since Year 9, and I use it for programs and tasks that don’t benefit from high refresh rates, such as Youtube.

Steelseries SENSEI 310 (I needed a little bit of RGB wankery in my rig, and this makes up a third of it. It’s minimalistic, only having two RGB zones – the scroll wheel and the logo at the palm of the mouse).

GIGABYTE/Aorus K9 Flaretech Blue (A solid keyboard with customisable per-key lighting. I’ve set it to be – like the mouse mentioned prior, reactive to my presses, fading in and out with every key pressed.)

I’ll see if I can’t update this post if/when I install more equipment.


Current Desktop:

AMD FX8320 @ 4.5GHz on air. (yes, it’s still decent enough for most things, but is also the main bottleneck)
4x4GB (total of 16gb) DDR3 Ram running at 1600 or so speeds
Sapphire Nitro+ 8gb RX 480 @ 1380 core and 2250 mem clocks (though I have pushed farther with voltage tweaking)

2 1080p monitors, one is 21" TN and the main one is a 25" IPS
A 250gb or so SSD for boot, and 5TB spinny HDD for everything else
A decent 750W PSU
Corsair K70 (I think) keyboard with cherry mx red switches
Logitech Gaming mouse with minimal extra buttons (just two on the side)

In-Progress build I have yet to finish:

AMD Ryzen 3 1200 (A gift from my Brother, will eventually be upgraded to a 2700 or equivalent 8 core in the next refresh)
Some high end motherboard (with the 370 chip is it?)
Ram??? (planned minimum of 16gb cl 14 3200 high performance stuff)
Radeon HD 7950 3gb (my old gpu, just as a stand in until I get an rx 590 for it)
250ish GB M.2 SSD for boot
At least 4TB of HDD for other storage too
A good EVGA 850W PSU (cuz overkill is great when it goes on sale! :smile: )


(I am just swapping from mum laptop)

PSU : Just waiting when it comes to me cause it’s ordered. SilentiumPC Vero L2 600W
Motherboard: G41M-P26 from MSI but i will swap later for something with ddr3 support like now
CPU: Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8 sometimes i oc it to 3.5 when temps on game that i play are less than 70’c
Cooler: Stock Lga 775 cooler
RAM: TakeMS 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz and waiting for AData 4Gb DDR3 1333Mhz
GPU: MSI GeForce GTS 450 OEM 512 MB DDR5 on stock clocks cause i have still warranty

HitachiHDS728080PLA380 80GB for system and Kingspec SSD 120GB (From china) for games and some loading.This creates something faster than SSHD.
Old 1024x768 CRT monitor cause i am still looking for newer.
Keyboard from Vakoss with broken “->” button.
Gaming mouse from china bought in local china store.
DVD drive on IDE.HDD and SSD are on Sata II.
Got all PC for free but without ram , broken gpu (GT610 from Asus) , Celeron E3400 and no SSD and also PSU that damaged when i played some old games.


CRT monitors are truly amazing. I want one but i cant find them anywhere near where i live :frowning:


Nearly identical to this. Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14. Utter POS.


Nvidia 840m


5400RPM 1 TB HDD

14" 1080p IPS panel (that’s touchscreen)

Peripheral: used Steelseries Rival 100 that I bought off a friend for like $10 lmao


Old, slow and kinda quirky doe.

AMD Athlon II X3 450
Geforce GTX 460 SE (1GB)
512 GB HDD
Windows 7 Ultimate (64 Bits)


Slowly turning this into a beefier machine.

Asus Essentio series (can’t remember which one, it’s a random string of numbers and letters)
GTX 950 (2GB)
Low power crappy PSU
21" Samsung 1080p TV
Win 10

Out of the box it came with a GT 640, it thermal locked itself several times due to a insufficient fan.
Later swapped it with a GTX 750Ti which was better in every single way.

Currently with the GTX 950 because i got it for like 20€ and it’s more silent thanks to double fans. No noticeable performance upgrade though.

Later this year I may get a GTX 970 (iirc) and a better PSU from a friend when he builds a new PC.


Barely Functioning Toshiba Satelite and a Dell Monitor because the Satelite’s screen is broken as fuck


I get the feeling that CPU is a sliiiiiiiiiight bottleneck even for a 950


Core i7-3770
Intel HD 4000 (idk how much VRAM, probably 512MB)
Team 16GB DDR3 1866 MHz RAM
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD (no plans on getting an SSD yet)
Corsair VS650 PSU
22" LG 1080p IPS monitor
Standard Logitech rubber dome keyboard
Havit Magic Eagle mouse (with 12 buttons on its side, oh my!)
For the computer case, ehh idk it says it’s from a local brand and is more than 10 years old
Knockoff JBL T450 headphone+mic combo that sounds okay enough by my standards
Logitech Dual Action gamepad that’s nearing 8 years old at this point

Pretty low-end by today’s standards. I don’t have the money to upgrade.


Slot in a graphics card and you’re fine, since most of your other parts are potent enough.


Eh, not really from what I’ve noticed. The only time the CPU’s load is even close to 90% is in Beam. Most of the time my vram is the real culprit here. I know that it’s old, sure, but that baby still has some speed to it.

I really do want to change it though, but that’s expensive and the socket is outdated as balls, so I’d have to buy a new mobo and stuff and I really don’t have the money.


My power toaster has the same basis as @Detsikeulii.

So It’s some Asus Essentio.

GTX 1060 3GB
16GB ddr3
Some 350W PSU (I think)
1 old LG scrren + Some random Samsung TV
Win 7


Windows 10

AMD Ryzen 1600X
GTX 1060 GPU
1TB HDD (may add an SSD in the future)

The Cherry on top? It’s all in an old eMachines case. My love of the shitbox aesthetic carries over to PCs apparently.

I still need a new monitor. The one on it now is 10 years old. I just took it off my old XP powered desktop.


Don’t change the monitor, it fits so well! Im using a 13 year old 5:4 monitor and i actually prefer it over my widescreen monitor :joy:


That’s a widescreen monitor tho…


Run that monitor until it dies, or until you’ve found one that has a similar look. That way it keeps the look complete.