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When you


When a colour option costs as much as an upgrade from 100 to 140 horsepower or the upgrade from 3 doors to 5
(Guess the car)


When you put nitrous oxide on a car chasing Automation level power figures…or if you own a farm truck


When your newly posted car gets lots of likes


When you make a car that has already reached your limit , but somehow another person car are above your limit than what you can do.


When you overproduce and are left with buttloads of stock



When your donk is finally useful


When you pretend you didn’t order Uber and proceed to walk home.


When you throw everything you got into a design that complies with the restrictions of a challenge… then see what everyone else submitted.


That’s Automation in a nutshell for ya. As Sillyworld said sometime back:

Must be a van

*makes 600hp family van*


only 600? The van contests around here tend to average 800… :joy:


Or 1500++ in the case of bsll


pfft sadly a lot of them decided that 1hp:kg was enough. This time however, I suspect by the time I actually get to running it, there’ll be twincharging and 14L V16s and all kinds of bullshit so an average of 1500 might be reasonable :laughing:


I’d have to make the decision between trying to go for crazy points or trying to actually win races. Though I have a couple designs I do favor if the BSLL ever happened unexpectedly. One of them’s actually fairly wicked.


When you’re only wanted by 17 year olds who can’t make their minds up

…Sounds about right

When you can’t decide between 2 and 4 exhaust tips on your hypercar


Don’t knock the tri-exhaust, tri exhaust is boss :stuck_out_tongue:


LFA anyone?


Also 458.


And also, although this is not actually tri-exhaust, when everything must be triangles except exhausts don’t actually work like that:

Or you could just go fuck you and go full pretentious because you totally meant to do it:




What’s up with Ford?