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Where did custom valve covers go?


Back in the kee version, we could choose different styles and colors of valve covers.

Why was this removed in the unreal engine version? Would it be possible to reimplement this feature?

I dont want all of my 4 bangers to look like red tops sr20s.


Or every V8 to resemble a Ferrari F136, for that matter. Could be worse, though. In the earliest builds of UE4 Automation, they were always yellow, which seemed even more incongrous at times.


It will be re-implemented. New valve covers are gonna be modeled, and the ability to change valve cover colour technically already exists (its never been deleted, its just the UI for it isnt there yet)


Wonder how hard it would be to implement a text to normal map converter in the engine? Maybe even choose between engraved, or embossed, and some stock designs (ribbed, stippled, etc)