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Why don't you ever use the News subforum anymore?


Title. The last topic was from August.


Hmm good point, we should probably repost the steam news posts in there.


Well, on the other hand, the Steam News are also in the game launcher.
Why specifically would you want to have them here, too? Whenever I posted news, there was no or barely any discussion on that, so I don’t really see that as an argument for it.


I’m more likely to read through it if it’s posted here rather than on steam.


And what is the reason for that?


I regularly check the forums but I don’t regularly check the game launcher screen, simply start the game as soon as I can.


I don’t even use the launcher other than accidentally (as I run the game directly from the Steam window), so I completely forgot that some news on Steam exist. I’d like to see them here too. There might be no discussion, but it’s nice to be informed even without using a launcher especially for that :slight_smile:


Err, doesn’t launching it directly from Steam load the launcher with the news page? It sure should do.


When I click “play” on Steam I get a small window with 5 options - run the launcher, run the Kee version directly and run the UE4 version directly in 3 variants - standard, DX10 mode and safe mode.


Yes, and the default first option gives you the Steam News Feed, which I would have thought is the most natural place to check if there’s anything new, as you are just about to play the game where those news matter.


I just made a link to run the AutomationGame-Win64-Shipping.exe and skip the whole launch Steam only to launch the automation launcher to launch the game it self. It has saved me at least half an hour since I got the game this past summer.

Basically, I don’t use the launcher or Steam except to update games. Having even a link to the steam news on the forums would be appreciated.


Yeah, you do the same thing I do. The only time I see updates is when I read them on the forums (>90% of the time), or the odd time I fire up youtube at home and see a Dev Update waiting (<10% of the time). I never see news updates for the game on Steam.


Yeah I mostly see updates from LDU.


Half of the time I get a script error on the steam launcher and no news anyways.


And what is the reason for that?

Can’t say for OP, but I don’t even have the game installed and won’t have until the campaign update hits, so little dev updates are my primary channels to get news