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Why has this happend to my car?


My most beloved car has been ruined once i got into the new beta thing and i cant fix it.



Morphing the body made it worse,and then the game froze for like an minute and then i closed it via task manager.


Post it here, please. I’d like to see if it makes my computer crash.




the backup file?


Export file. I’m just curious, you don’t have to.


i kinda dont have time,but the body used is broken,all cars with it broke for me


I never had one this bad. Last big update several of my cars broke, but I just readjusted the fixtures and got them back. Looks like this body is glitched, or changed in the update. You may need to remake it, sorry.


have you tried clearing the cache?


yep,i even tried re inporting it with less fixtures


if you make a new car on that body, or change the sub body in the car creator is it still broken?


the game just freezez and my only option then is to close it via task manager