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Wild German Designs (random stuff)


Holahütti everybody, this is the thread where I post random designs not belonging to one of my main brands.

Starting off with this, the 1945 Holburn Rocket: a mid-sized british sedan with a very special engine.

Turned out quite decent for a first Shoop.

'72 Commie Sports Car Challenge

That front grille… :smiley:


screams murica


NIcely done! Smart use of grille components to create an authentic '40s look. Also the background makes a world of difference presentation-wise. Thumbs up!


Monolith is back, and they are proud to announce a new entry level crossover for international markets.


Actually Opel Kapitän.


Haven’t done anything [rainbow]#random[/rainbow] a while. Have a V8.


IVEBA is my experimental east german car company born from the idea of a communist car manufacturer not strangled by planned economy and government interference. At IVEBA, engineers can be engineers and put their talents into good use to develop the ultimate functional, non-decadent cars. The first IVEBA automobiles, the Kompakt and Spezial were launched in 1965. Both are designed to be sophisticated, but affordable cars with export markets in mind. The Kompakt is a, well, compact family car with five seats and a highly modern “Vollheck” Hatchback design. It was primarily inspired by the Renault 4 and Autobianchi Primula. The drivetrain layout is almost identical to the Primula, with a transversely mounted engine driving the front wheels through a four-speed gearbox with unequal length driveshafts. The engine itself is an original IVEBA design with an aluminium block and aluminium SOHC cross-flow cylinder head with hemispherical combustion chambers. It displaces 1.3L and produces 52hp. In 1970 a “Volkssport” version with the 1.7L engine from the IVEBA Spezial was added.

The IVEBA Spezial is a large family car aimed at commercial operators such as taxi cab companies and the VoPo. It uses an enlargened 1.7L version of the IvStMo 65 engine with 68hp. It is available as a sedan as well as a “Vollheck” Estate. Unlike the Kompakt the Spezial is a conventional RWD layout, but utilizes the same suspension components with McPherson struts at the front and semi-trailing arms at the rear.

Both cars are also available in SA1 specification with larger wheels, tougher suspension, a heavy duty heater and engines capable of operating on lower grade fuel specifically for rural regions of the Soviet Union and indeed the world.


2500cc DOHC Inline 4, mechanical fuel injection, 175hp, 241Nm, 5MT, RWD, 1025kg
0-100kph 5.8s, Top Speed 238kph



Are you referring to that time I dropped an egg?

Yeah, I thought it looked recognized it from somewhere :smiling_imp:


Doberman Renegade Sprint 480HR. My interpretation of a late 1960s Nascar Special. Powered by a 480ci high output V8 with individual cylinder heads. Its power is rumored to be approaching the magic 500hp mark. What is known for sure is that the top speed exceeds 180mph.


Wow that looks futuristic for the 60s, and not just because of the paint colour!


A true super car needs outrageous paint.


The exterior color is so bold and bright, it reminds me of late 60s/early 70s Mopar muscle cars (for which customers could order a similar shade called Panther Pink)… And those hood scoops recall the Olds 442 for some reason.


The facts: a 3.2L Biturbo V6, 400hp, and no ABS.


Reactor Research Inc. is your go to adress for all your fission powered needs. We make everything from nuclear powered submarine speedboats over lawnmowers to bicycles. Our patented Compac-iQ series drivetrains are simple, reliable, affordable, safe and enviromentally friendly, certified by the EPA.

The RMJ-283 develops the equivalent power of a 325kw ICE and will last 250.000 miles on a single charge, wrapped in an exciting coupe body.

The RJX-427 V-Ram powertrain produces over 500kw of equivalent power, and can do up to 185.000 miles between refills.

We currently plan on developing a scaleable next-generation fusion engine to power a super-affordable Hatchback and Sedan for developing markets.


Nuclear cars in the modern age, eh? This is new indeed!


They look nuclear, not least due to the paint job, totally radioactive, dude!


This is what happens when I play UE4.