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Wild German Designs (random stuff)


1996 Barricada Junta 240 Turismo Veloce:

Barricada will probably replace Nuntius when the transition to UE4 is completed. It is an italian mass-market brand with a lot of history, but perhaps best known for their compact family cars. The 1996 Junta was their last large saloon, a market Barricada used to be very strong in in the 1930s to 1960s. Even though Barricada heavily invested in quality during the 1990s a bad reputation undeservedly gained in the 1970s tempered buyer enthusiasm (Those that took the risk loved it). The Junta featured a bespoke RWD chassis with many up to date features, it did however not succeed in the market and was quietly phased out in 2003 after just over 68.000 had been sold worldwide. It was powered by either a 160hp 1.9L Inline four turbo, a 195hp 2.8L V6 or a 238hp 3.2 V6. On the italian market a 220hp 2.0L V6 Turbo and a 165hp 2.5L V6 Turbodiesel were also available.


Your style transferred good to UE


Something isn’t quite right here.


Diesel sportscar…



Hmmm… Four reverse lights? :stuck_out_tongue:


That would have predated the Audi R8 V12 TDI concept by a decade or more. But no matter what engine resides under its rear deck, I expect other motorists to have to stare at its rear end, though not for very long.


No… the picture is off-centre. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1965 Gosan Premiere 2000 DOHC Special


Damn real life companies, always stealing ideas from the automation universe!


Funny person you are. But I took most of the inspiration from a Pininfarina designed Nissan.


“All new cars look alike” has been true since the automobile was invented anyway. :slight_smile: