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Will be Automation available on Android?


Automation is a fantastic game, but I’d like an Android version to play on smartphone or tablet.


Desktop version is still in beta. There are a lot of unfinished parts of the game which means that the final release is still some time away. So if there is going to be android/ios version I really doubt it will be in near future. I doubt developers have that many recourses to start developing mobile verion of the game while desktop version is still under development.


The day Automation runs on a Snapdragon 855 is the day I believe in god again


Yeah, won’t happen it’s just not the right game for mobile. :slight_smile:


Yeah but an Automation Developer said there won’t an Android version for Automation :frowning:


You should’ve seen this coming. A tycoon game with a lot of complex and delicate moving parts doesn’t translate well to a mobole platform.