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Will rear engines make a comeback in UE4?


For lore reasons, I wanted to draw some 50-60’s, rear-engined boxy sedans, but though a lot of bodies could be used in a RR setup in Kee engine, it seems limited to mostly “not-porsche” and supercars bodies.

Are they expected to make a comeback in numbers anytime soon (or is there an easy way to mod that possibility back in the game) ?

Thanks in advance for the answer !


There’s an issue with engine placement in UE4, so anything with a ute variant can’t have truly functional rear engines. It’s something being addressed already as far as I know. Other than that, there are still cars that should have rear engine available but don’t yet. There’s still a lot for the devs to do, so best be patient about that until they do make a comeback.


Thanks for the answer… I guess some safety regulation can destroy my company’s hopes lore-wise :wink:


Most RR layout cars from that era was ; “It’s a bit dangerous on wet roads” to “It’ll kill you!”
Safety regulations in the 50’s?

(even 70’s RR was not safe, early Porsche turbo anyone?):wink:


the issue that @thecarlover refers to has been addressed in the Alfa Alpha version of the game and is being tested.

This will allow for body variants within a family to have both RR and non RR options, so a Ute/Pickup without RR options will not override the chassis options and prevent those variants with RR from getting it.

However, the underlying body has to be correctly modelled to support the engine placement options, something I have kept in mind with the recent 60sSedan04 which has RR options, although the bug is probably preventing you from using it.


Thanks for the answer. There is indeed a sixties sedan with the option, so the fix seems solid - now it’s just the eternal struggle of the eager fans and the necessary time to implement :wink:

And yeah RR was somewhat special, but actually the sixties RR econoboxes weren’t that dangerous at reasonnable speeds - the trick was having close to no torque :wink: