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Will this Fit in my Honda?


I’ve bought this car 9 months ago now, and I think it’s time for a post here.

After owning a massive pile of shit rebadged Chevy Aveo for 6ish years, I ended up having to shop for a new car back in december last year after discovering that fixing all the brake issues on it would end up costing more than the car was worth.

Considering I was finishing school in less than 6 months, I didn’t want an other el-cheapo shit-box that I’d want to replace as soon as I started working. It also had to be manual, a hatchback, and reasonably fuel efficient.

After shopping around a bit, I ended up buying this thing:

A Honda Fit LX 2014 with around 50000km on the clock.

After nearly a year of driving, with plenty of city and highway driving, I am definitively happy with my purchase.

The driving is what you’d expect for a 100hp econo-box, with the engine being more than enough for driving around. The typical Honda manual is very enjoyable to use compared to my two previous cars where the lever was imprecise at best. The clutch doesn’t have much feeling in it but it’s not really annoying either due to it’s decently short throw.

What it’s very good at, like anyone who owns one of those can say, is carrying stuff. Rear leg space is huge considering the size of the car, and the flat folding seats are really great when you have to transport furniture and other large objects.

Fuel consumption is alright, although it’s definitively not designed to drive around at 120kph, with the engine being fairly noisy and a fuel consumption around 6.8L/100km. I can get it down close to 6L/100km if I drive 100kph but ain’t nobody got time for that.

And before someone else says it: #SaveTheManuals


Suddenly I though of “Turbo Yoda” after read your topic’s head. LOL
“Hey Turbo Yoda, do you think is will fit in my Honda?”

But wow, 50k KM for a 4-5 years car, that’s quite mint!

This is gold!!!, I’m also driving manual EG civic. #SaveTheManuals




Would you believe I cross shopped one of these with my Speed3? That and a manual v6 Accord sedan (Basically my Camry, but faster). Decent little cars though. And tons of storage space.