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Will you be getting Car Mechanic Simulator 2018?

  • Yes
  • Yes (10% Off!)
  • No

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No, because Playway is even worse publisher than EA.

Announcing paid DLCs even before the game’s release, also they have horrible sense of taking negative opinions


I got a coupon for it and… Well, it expired 4 days ago and game wasn’t even for sale then so THX FOR THAT.


It’s plain boring.


agree, 2015 one was so boring that I couldn’t even manage to get 25 hours in it


The description said something about adding your own cars with the editor… so I’m a little curious to say the least


Car Mechanic Simulator?

looks at trailer

does double take on trailer

does triple take on trailer



looks on name of publisher and DLCs they plan already


With some huge discount, maybe. 2015 was good for channeling my inner Edd China every once in a while.


Have you tried owning a car?
I mean…

And that’s a routine, and Im not a mechanic. I’d rather this than spend my time doing that same thing in a game.


I have. Taking the diff out to replace seals and bushings, Mercedes Specialist charged €50 for it along with replacing some other miscellaneous bits and bobs not in that particular area. It’s the joy of living in a third world country.

Are you going to call me not a true enthusiast for not working on my own car? It’s fine. I don’t mind being an untrue enthusiast if it means I don’t have to look down on others.


I don’t care whether you are one way or the other, but playing a game because you want to work on a car instead of for example just doing minor maintenance or detailing on a car that you own, and then paying somebody to do what you could do yourself just sounds plain stupid to me


Well…by that standard, you just said that most of the ‘simulator’ games are stupid because you could just do it irl.



It’s fine. You don’t know I am personally so go ahead and use all of your assumption. It’s okay. It is the internet after all, and on the internet nobody know who we are.

I read threads such as your’s [hoonicomp] a lot. They’re things I wish I have the resource, will power and general knowledge to do. I am envious of those who can achieve things such as that. Would you say stop reading those because it’s also stupid? No? Hell, with that logic, me spending time replying to this thread sounds plain stupid as well. I should be going out and do engine swaps and coil overs conversion and megasquirt injection tuning and such instead of typing shits that have no meaning. No? Yeah it sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

One thing I’ve learnt is that never assume the others are in exactly the same situation as you are. And that they’re the lesser because of it. Enjoy the life you’re having. And the others are enjoying their’s. :slight_smile:

Please? Car people already have enough nemesis ready to bring down the whole thing. We don’t need any more friendly fire.


Brb buying tractor


God no, I hope I do not have to buy my own Boeing 737 because I can just do the real thing instead of playing MS Flight Simulator…


I’ll go build that spaceship, take part in world championship soccer, win the title of street king in a street racing community, right after I build my car manufacturing plant… it’s a car mechanic simulator. Your requirements to do it irl is “car”.

@conan. All you needed for that diff job is a jack, set of wrenches and a Google. Nobody started out as a mechanical stig. Still, car mechanic simulator simulates a simple activity, you can try it irl. So to me that game is not worth any time


A few euro would buy you a goat as well. Would you?


I always wondered… Does that goat simulator even remotely simulate what a goat is like???

More serious question: for a mechanical noob who doesn’t have space in their garage for a restoration project nor the time to acquire one, does the Mechanic Simulator at all help with teaching how to get into these things?


The cars I buy are very similar to goats, do that’s a yes

@strop only very crude basics. It doesn’t really explain what does what, only roughly how to replace it