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Will you be getting Car Mechanic Simulator 2018?


If you can’t spin a spanner to save your arse then it’s a good game, at least in the idea that it shows the basics of working on a car.
That being said, you can also get at any bolt on the car with ease, My Summer Car (the game) makes it a bit harder to get at the bolts and is a far superior car builder since you actually have to tune and service the car, but it can’t replicate the real effort put into ripping the starter motor out of a FWD Nissan that’s sitting on a pallet and 3 blocks of wood inside a shipping container while a New Zealander sprays you with a hose while he’s cleaning his Dune Buggy.
(And yes, that happened)


The answer to that question simply is no. It’s far too simplified for that. Unless you’re really starting from absolute zero then maybe. Doesn’t stop it being a good hour or two for me when there’s nothing else to do. Hench why I might buy it if there’s a huge discount. (And by huge I mean… like 70-80% off).

Try My Summer Car if you want something a bit more challenging and authentic.

It’s about as realistic as Surgeon Simulator. Maybe that illustrate it better for strop. :stuck_out_tongue:


As I am a Physician trainee… Probably :joy:

Takes a hammer to the patients sternum


CLEAR!!! Wham Wham Wham


*Your requirements to do it irl is “car”, “mechanical knowledge” and “confidence”.

If I took apart a diff I’m not sure if it would go back together. With simulators, there’s no real consequences if you fuck up.

I’m not a big fan of simulators as well, and I used to giggle at people playing farming or truck driving simulators (because I live on a farm and I have multiple truck drivers in my family) but I can see why it might be a fun game for some people.

And I also do respect and to a degree envy people doing project cars and stuff. But I’m 100% sure if I would start such thing with my mechanical knowledge it would end up as an unfinished project on ebay.


Having tried the previous car mechanic sims, IMHO the issue is that they tend to be very repetitive.

Their DLC strategy is also not really great.

If you ask me, my summer car is a much more enjoyable game if you want to assemble car parts. It involves more adjusting and adds the fun part of driving your car with proper physics (and probably dying in the process)


Well, I just got done playing it for roughly an hour, and I gotta say, the gameplay is quite involving. You really have to do quite a bit more in this game than in the previous CMS games, even for the simple tasks at the beginning of the game. One of the first jobs involves swapping tires, and you actually have to use a tire machine to separate and reinstall tires, and you can’t put them back on the car until you balance them on the balancer.

It’s not perfect, though. The tutorial doesn’t really teach much, as you basically walk through a max-level garage to see all the tools available. It’s also extremely graphically demanding on GPUs. Even with my RX 480, I gotta turn down the settings to Low to get anywhere near 100 FPS with only one car in the basic garage (since I play on a 144 Hz monitor), and it basically maxes out my GPU, ramping up the fans higher than any other game I play. And mouse acceleration is annoying, and you can’t turn it off (yet).

EDIT: Plus, 10% off sale with 10% off coupon for owning CMS 2015 is really nice :slight_smile:


I have been having fun with the game so far, but it still needs some stuff some example are: sandbox mode, Hot keys, visual/performance upgrades and engine swaps. The new features i like include are the engine lift, new wheel system, new paint system(Need a Little More work), Warehouse, and once it’s fixed the shopping list.