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Willow Motor Company


The Willow Project began in 1980 to provide competition from new foreign makes. Founded as a company in 1985, Willow’s goal was to inject fresh, desirable, and competitive cars into the American market. Their headquarters and test track reside in the Chicagoland area.

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1985 Willow Salem 300i
“As smooth as fine chocolate, with a sweet price tag to match.”

Willow’s first offering, a mid-level luxury sedan powered by a smooth and advanced 3.0l I6

  • 3.0l DOHC 24v I6 with MPFI - 165* hp / 193 lb-ft
  • 4 speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission w/ overdrive
  • Double wishbone suspension geometry
  • Wood- and leather-furnished interior

Willow Salem - 300i.car (153.8 KB)


Holy moly. The design is pure art.


Thank you!


A great start to this upmarket brand of yours. On paper at least, it has the goods to not only compete with the best imports, but also outdo them as well.


1991 Willow Monterra
Go anywhere in style and luxury

More pics

  • 3.3l DOHC 24v I6 - 188* hp / 221 lb-ft
  • Double wishbone / Solid axle suspension
  • 4WD with locking diffs
  • Wood- and leather-furnished interior
  • Optional towing package