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With What Weird Design Did YOU Get Platinum? (Obviously: Spoilers)


So, I’ve recently finished getting Platinum on all of the engineering challenges, and some struck me as peculiar in that I ended up concocting some pretty odd designs to score high enough. Most notable for me was the Communist Crisis scenario. After one hell of a fight I managed a 1373 and couldn’t help but stare in wonder at what a bizarre contraption I had created:

The scored stats in combination with the 36 PU limit seemed to scream “I6 turbo”, but I couldn’t get that to platinum standard for the life of me, and I would never have expected a 13.1L MPFI pushrod V12 with partly forged -15 quality internals to be the way to go…

Have any of you achieved a platinum rank only to take a look at your creation afterwards and wonder: “how on earth could that happen”?