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World Series Tourers - 2015 Season (Race 6 - Sebring International Finale)


Its approaching that time again where we will be racing again around the world, with hot competition this year. So far it seems we have an exceedingly competitive field, with a densely packed midfield and several teams vying for the win. We will soon be racing with the most highly regarded touring cars in the world! We hope you enjoy this seasons racing!

Submissions are closed, however, below are the regulations for historical archiving.
2015 Regulations

Here is the entry list for the currently confirmed teams

Entry List

Below is the season calendar. Please plan around this timetable

  • March 15th - Brands Hatch GP (July 31st)
  • April 26th - Fuji Raceway (August 2nd)
  • May 17th - Autodromo Nationale Monza (August 4th)
  • June 7th - Red Bull Ring (August 8th)
  • July 12th - Bahrain International (August 10th)
  • August 16th - Sebring International Raceway (August 12th)

Qualifying will be a fastest lap shootout, with each driver having 2 attempts at the fastest laps. Races will be maximum of 60 minutes in length, a minimum of 40 minutes.

The Drivers
To some they are heroes, to others, rivals; They fight to the end, never letting go of that dream of holding the trophies aloft. They dream of holding themselves high on that top step of the podium, and bathing in the cheers of the crowd below. Here is the list of drivers for the upcoming season of World Series Tourers!

Driver Cards

FMS - FAAL Motorsports Sélestat

Bramhall Brooklands

Team Natori

H4 Factory Motorsports

GBSC-Blue Bull Junior Team

Ars Racing Team (ART)

Contendiente Competición

Haapala RRD

Zavoevanie Performance Solutions

Vulcan Motor Company (VMC)

Keika Shitpost Division

Machinima Motorworks

React Motor Racing

Epoch Racing Division


The first race will take place on the 31st July and then be every other day after that, making the season last 12 days. I wish you all good luck for the season ahead!

FAAL - 1946-1970 - Making the brand a reality in LCV3 with updated designs and actual sales numbers!

This is one of those challenges where my lore haven’t caught up yet but it just looks so appealing I can’t not participate.


Is production unit <50 for the trim or overall? Because I’m struggling to get the trim under 120!

NM, I think I know the problem


That should have been 70


Are their upper limits on trim ET and/or price? Or does this challenge not need either of them?


What’s not there isn’t needed


(No , I don’t participate , sorry for that stupid question)
So high-flow catalytic converter isn’t allowed , and for example Civic Type-R EK9 1.6 N/A also are not allowed. Sorry for my bad english.


Three way, high or regular flow, are allowed. And it’s turbocharged engines only.


Is there a specific naming system?


Nope. When I put them in I’ll tag the names myself using my own system. Thanks for the question tho


Sorry to bother you one more time, but I find the turbo size is extremely restrictive. Is this realistic?


I got 513hp with the turbos. It’s not actually that restrictive if you tune well.

Edit: Up to 522 now :stuck_out_tongue:


That explains why I can’t manage to break 275.


If you are good at tune you should break 600hp/per liter or idk.


With these limitations that would be seriously impressive. Although I do think I can squeeze a little more power out of my engine


I’ve got 360bhp and I’m not the best. IT’s certainly possible to get some silly power, but I’ll leave it to you lot to figure out how.


Just so you know, the engine regulations HEAVILY favor V6 engines, as they have twin turbos, so 2x 40/40mm. With larger turbine and compressor single turbos (I3, I4, I6) can be competitive as well.


I’ve been considering what I can do to the twin turbo setup to alleviate this. I’m thinking of throwing in a smaller restriction for Twin Turbo’s but I’d need to do some testing before I do that.


To be honest, I think the lag will balance things out. On shorter circuits, despite my 522hp, there’s so much lag that the turbos can’t spool up properly.

Anti-lag when plz


I just tried a V6 and managed 460 hp.

Sidenote: is 600 hp/L possible in Automation? At least without being really peaky?

Edit: I’d also like to ask if the RPM limit could be bumped up to, oh, I don’t know, 10,000. My engine hits peak power at 8300 but still pulls hard up to 10,500. (If I really wanted it can do 11,300 w/o valve float but power falls off a cliff after 10,600.

Just hit 500 HP with some, uh, quality strats.