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World Series Tourers - 2015 Season (Race 6 - Sebring International Finale)


Clarification on the bodies of touring cars.
The touring car must be a subdesign based on the roadcar, and must share chassis, suspension type, panel material, and engine position with the road car.


New Car Added to the homologation List:
FAAL Coupe Mk.X 5 Cylinder


Stolen pictures of the official homologated FAAL Coupe WST Race Car undergoing track testing.


New Car Added to the homologation List:
H4 Apex Boxer 4


Behind the scenes at West Coast Motorsports Park

Earlier this week the Bramhall Viva WST was being tested in America. Brooklands were developing their supercar, and so had rented out the track. This, combined with Bramhall Factory Driver Karel De Lang being part of the Brooklands’ development programme, gave an opportunity for Bramhall to test their WST car. Below is a video recorded by the Bramhall media team of their new car. Below is a press release of their day testing.

It’s been a very productive day, we’ve got a lot of development work done that otherwise would have never happened. Of course it is a stroke of luck that we can be here but the team has done wonders with the car. We were running on low boost, just working through the programme, since this will be the engine we’ll be running at Brands (hatch). It’s been a good day, and we can be happy with the results of today. - Karel De Lang

Bramhall Viva Testing Video


vroom vroom


New Car Added to the homologation List:
ARS Eligos Boxer 4


If your engine power is below 300bhp and you’re struggling to get near that figure I will be able to help you. I won’t tell you directly what to do but I will guide you in the right direction with how to set up the engine.


Extending the deadline for privateer teams. Privateers will be able to select their cars for an additional 2 days after submissions close.


New Car Added to the homologation List:
Natori Wave inline 4


WST Pre-Season testing session 1 photos


New Car Added to the homologation List:
Contendiente Ataque Inline 4
ARS Eligos inline 4

New team entered:
Contendiente Competición


Later during day 1 of testing, Contendiente arrives with a race spec Ataque.


Zavoevanie Automobiles Announces Intent To Enter WST Despite Ongoing Merger With Evergreen Motorcars

Hard times have recently fallen upon Zavoevanie Automobiles, but to some considerable degree of suprise, they’ve announced their intent to field a car in this years WST series, no timeframe was given on when the car would be ready, but it is understood that the project is very close to completion.


that moment when your On the edge of one limitation


Changing regulations days before deadline.



Touring spec now in testing before send off
followed by road spec


Keika unveils the all new Shitpost Touring Car!

Featuring a 374hp 1.6L V6 powering the rear wheels, this monster will run rings around anything that tries to compete!


“Dare to be different?”


“Can a 3-cylinder beat the competition*?”

*No guarantees on competitiveness…


New Cars added to homologation:
Zavoevanie C Line i5
Keika Shitpost V6
React WAM WST C V6