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World Series Tourers - 2015 Season (Race 6 - Sebring International Finale)


LHE has entered a car for Homologation inspection.


Dis be my entry


You didn’t include mine kek.


Sorry XD I was quite tired


No worries bud


I tried every single engine type for the lulz and the I3 had sensibly the same power as any other of my engines so eh. Guess it’s just a matter of tune.


One day left for car submissions!




The final car due for homologation is now done. All submissions processed and ready for use!


ONe more day for those wishing to enter as customer teams!




I will be making faces and helmets for the drivers Please use these two sites if you wish you make your own.


Please DM/PM the screenshots including the Entire Screen I will trim them down to a reasonable size myself. Thank you.

For helmets, please have a profile screenshot like this


Update - Driver cards added to master post!


Hello and welcome to the first race of the 2015 World Series Tourers season! We’re here at the legendary brands hatch as the cars line up for their qualifying runs. We’ll be eagerly awaiting to see how the cars are running and what the order will be like once the sessions are over and done with.


The two lap method showed its strength today as some cars managed to meet the walls here in both sessions. With limits being pushed hard it’s understandable how even the highest quality drivers can end up off the track here. Everyone managed to complete at least one lap, meaning no Pitlane starts tomorrow.

Top 10 Rundown

Today was a day for Keika with Jason Jackie and Michael Martins P1 and P3 respectively, a result that was not expected of the flextape adorned microhatch. The surprisingly powerful engine helped put them ahead of three of the four FAAL’s running this season, and helped Jackie claim the point for pole. Josh Greenburg of Blue Bull split the exceptionally Keika’s, being the only FAAL driver to feature into the 1:27’s.

Behind the podium it was a close battle between the factory FAAL’s and the second Customer FAAL, with Franck Keller leading the way for FMS despite losing control and burying it into gravel at Surtees. This puts him ahead of GSBC Blue Bulls’ Bri Neuwvale and Keller’s Teammate Jordan Weissmuller, all three cars running within less than half a second of each other.

Next in line were the two VMC’s, with Tyler Freshner showing his strengths over his older teammate Robert Defoi, they line up 7th and 8th respectively. ART’s Bastien Lefèbvre and Bramhall’s Karel de Lang finish the top 10, with half a tenth between the two cars. This could be the setup for an interesting interteam battle during the race.

Bottom 5

Today was a day to Forget for Epoch Racing Division and LHE XVO as both teams had both cars in the bottom 5 in qualifying, with Epoch driver Yoshiki Sato bottom of the pile. He’ll be expecting more from his car tomorrow.

Frederick Ward and Lucas Goldright were close, but over 5 seconds behind the lead car, with the 2nd Epoch less than 1 tenth ahead of the 29 year old American Ward. They line up P28 and P29 respectively .

It was a surprisingly poor performance from one of the many homeland heroes here Jamie Hunter. He lines up in P27 with The highest placed LHE two tenths up the board and rounding out the bottom 5.


All cars line up on the grid, waiting for the countdown to begin. It’s Keika on Pole, FAAL second, Keika third, who’s going to lead into the first corner? The lights are going on, one by one, once all go out we’ll be under way!

Lap 1

Lights out and away we go for the first race! Greenburg makes an incredible start jumping both Keika’s, in fact both Keika’s made a horrid start they’re dropping down the field! Keller, Nuewvale and Weismuller keep in formation as they head down to turn two! Alejando Flores has had a shocking start, he’s almost stalled it and is now trailing the rest of the pack! Meanwhile his team mate Karima Benalli has shot up the field and is now right on the heels of the polesitter Jackie and is challenging for position!

Lap 1-10
Disaster in qualifying, disaster in the race, Billy Manchen the 32 year old from Canada is pulling off at clearways, his engine is done. Only two laps of racing for Manchen today and yellow flags are out whilst they get that car out of the way.

James Ratikin goes off at Druids and he’s buried it in the wall! That is not what Machinima Motorsports is looking for in terms of results today, they are not going to be happy with that one. Meanwhile, at the front, it’s Bri Neuwvale leading the way as Jason Jackie and Michael Martin try to chase her down!

Lap 11-20
Jan Kuznitzov and Aato Laakonen are side by side into Hawthorn bend and its Kuznitzov who takes the position and he’s off! Kuznitzov is off and Aato Laakonen is going to Spin as well, he’s lost the rear through Dingle Dell and hit the wall! Both cars are out on Lap 16! There will be questions if there was contact but I don’t think there was between the Haapala and the Zavoevanie.

Lap 21-32
The issues for Sato just don’t stop coming, bottom of the pile in Qualifying and now retiring with an engine failure in the race. Epoch will be looking try and improve for next race, and try and hope for better luck.

There’s a car in the wall there, its a Keika! JACKIE HAS CRASHED AT STIRLINGS, JASON JACKIE THE POLESITTER HAS BINNED THE CAR IN THE WALL! That is going to hurt more than anything else, having lost the lead to Greenburg off the line he’ll now have to held himself knowing he’ll only have one point going into the next race. This will really put him behind with the field being as competitive as it is.

Bri Nuewvale is going to cross the line to win here at Brands Hatch for the first race of the season, and what a dominant way to finish this race! Michael Martins comes across in second and Josh Greenburg rounding off the podium in third! Tyler Freshner brings home an incredible 4th place for VMC whilst Franck Keller and Max Porter are battling to the line! Keller takes home Fifth for the Factory FAAL team, Max porter is sixth. Karima Benalli recovers from a poor qualifying to see seventh at the flag and then it’s the other VMC of Defoi. The ART of Bastien Lefèbvre takes ninth, he’ll be happy with that. And rounding out the top ten, the Seventeen year old from Sri Lanka, it’s Enriqua Lara for H4 Motorsports.

The rest of the positions are Hunter, Weissmuller, Takala, Parsons, Flores doing well to recover to finish in the final points position, Just missing out is Peter Islington, he’ll be happy to know the chances for points will be there, Andrew Kelley, Bill Kelley, Seppa, a disappointed Karel De Lang he’ll be hoping for more text time out, Adams ten places down on his team mate, Frederick Ward doing well to beat the Aussie Sharon Kelley, and then the Epoch of Lucas Goldright rounds off the finishers.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful race, hopefully we’ll get some words from the press box later in the day. Right now we’ll be hearing from our eyes in the pitlane Steven Verhoeven.

Post Race Round Up

SV: Wasn’t that just insane? The polesitter bogging off the line and then binning it on the last lap after such a perfect qualifying session. Bri Nuewvale recovering from an alright qualifying, being jumped by her Teammate and then getting the lead on track. This race has been incredible, and it really sets the eyes on the next round at Fuji. Hopefully next time we have just as exciting a race as today.

EA: It really was quite the mad race, though this incident on lap 16, both cars in the walls, both cars battling, what were your thoughts on it?

SV: I’ve raced touring cars before and I can tell you there was no contact there, Jan tried a very audacious and very brave move around the outside, got the wheels on the dirt and just lost it. You’re going so high a speed there it’s almost impossible to keep control once you hit the grass, especially with just one wheel.

AM: And what about the Haapala?

SV: Laakkonen will be thinking of the the one that got away there, he just took too much kerb and in such a short wheelbase car it just spat him out and backwards into the wall. A flat out Corner like Dell is not a place where you want to be mounting kerbs like that.

EA: I never drove the GP course when I was racing here, it was always the Indy circuit but looking at that top section it must’ve been incredible being flat out through there. Its an easy mistake to make but Haapala will be reeling in the consequences.

AM: That about does it for today, Stick around for more exciting action as we head off to Japan, to race at Fuji. Yoshiki Sato will be looking for a better result as the hometown hero. I’m Alex McKinwell, I’ve been joined by Eddie Austin and Steven Verhoeven, and I hope you tune in next time for another thrilling round of World Series Tourers.

Race Results
Season Standings


Great first race, can’t wait to see what happens on race 2!


Mfw my team is 100% off the podium but two of my cars driven by another team are there


I would like to inform everyone that James Ratiken is currently stable and recovering from the disaster that happened at the race and is currently stable despite having a minor leg injury and the doctors say that he will be making a speedy recovery in time for the next race.


AM: We’ve just had an update about the crash that put James Ratikin out of this race, he will be racing next time out but unfortunately he has suffered some minor injuries. Everyone on the ITV team wishes him a speedy recovery from his condition.

SV: Its something that happens in motorsport sometimes, but every crash is one you don’t want to happen again. I remember back in 2007 I was in my rookie season for touring cars and I watched Mikhail Isseksen go flying over the front of my car. He was ok thankfully but this crash just shows how brave these guys really are.

EA: The guy is pretty good and he’s got a fair bit of experience, so my eyes are going to be on him. I bet he’s going to surprise us all when he gets back.

SV: Lets hope so, things are shaping up to be interesting this season, especially in the midfield and the more feisty the drivers the better it is for the people at home.


We here at machinima motorworks were shocked that one of our track cars failed at one of the tracks recently. we are currently hauling it offsite to our Privately located workshops to investigate on what caused the crash. we are thankful that james did not sustain any worse injuries than he did today.


Rumor in the paddock is that on the exit of turn 4, Billy apologized to the car for over-reving while holding the gear, it was at that point that the oil pump failed.

Head mechanic for the LHE XVO team Tyler Fryer had this to say: “We’ve told him to stop that, were convinced that our cars do not react well to being treated nicely, and the cannuck always insists on apologizing to the inanimate thing!, You’re not recording that are you…”

The LHE team has been silent after that exchange with reporters.