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World Series Tourers - 2016 Season (ENTRIES CLOSED) - 16th - Confirmed Calendar & Driver Cards


Flamers VitiaCo Racing tweeted:

@FVRacing - 12m

We are excited to be taking part in this years #WorldSeriesTourers series, we look forward to some good close racing throughout the season from @StanleyRacing and @XavierBRacing! #WST16 #LetsGoRacing #FVRacing


As the new season now just looming over the horizon, ART released a video of their new car under pre-season testing.

An interview with driver Bastien Lefebvre following after the video’s release.

I: Your team is one of the six to return, how are you and the rest of ART feeling coming into the 2016 season?
B: There’s no doubts about it in my mind, we will do good this year. The car is fast. Very fast. The team, everyone working on this has taken, the feedback and learned much from the last season. Power is definitely… up to where the top teams ran last season. I think we have a good chance at this. But what racing driver doesn’t think that laughs. And of course, I want to prove myself further here, before I think about moving on.

I: And what about your thoughts on this years regs?
B: Hearing the rumors and knowing this years regulations, I do think the rest of the cars will be much closer with the changes. Many cars with the same power we have this year, maybe more chuckles. But you know, last season, it was not won by the most power and perhaps we see same this season. It should be more competitive, but I can’t say I would complain if I were up at the top this season, should we end up there.

I: ART also has a new driver in their lineup, could you tell us anything about your new teammate?
B: Akari… she’s a quick driver. This is more or less her first real time in international, professional racing, but she was quick in Japan from what I heard. And from what I can tell you personally, she’s working hard for this, and I have seen her pace. Rather impressive, honestly. I cannot say we talk too much however, but that more is from language barrier of course.


I apologise for the excessive delay. I hope to have round 1 finished by the end of the weekend. Uni work and my own mental health has been taking priority so far, and will continue to. It is increasingly unlikely 2017 will occur as soon after the 2016 season as the 2016 occurred after 2015. More than likely 2017 will also the last season of WST I run. Uni and my IRL life has to take priority over Automation. I thank you all for your patience and understanding.


Totally understandable, you come first :slight_smile:




@th3maldonado How are things?