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World Series Tourers - 2016 Season - ROUND 1 - SPAIN


Just a reminder, the track voting closes tomorrow. I will sort through the votes for tracks from the same country and see which ones get picked over which.


Are engine submissions still being accepted? I didn’t see any cutoff dates specifically for them. I’d assume it’d be before the 14th.


still for the 14th yes.


Alright, the provisional list of track contains a few cross overs which will be decided on below.

  • Brands Hatch
  • Silverstone International

0 voters

  • Monza
  • Imola

0 voters

  • Sebring International
  • COTA

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These votes will close when submissions close.

The provisional Calendar looks like this

  • British Tour of Silverstone/Brands Hatch
  • Belgian Tour of Spa Fancochamps
  • Italian Tour of Monza/Imola
  • German Tour of Hockenheim
  • Japanese Tour of Fuji
  • Austrian Tour of the Red Bull Ring
  • Spanish Tour of Circuit De Catalunya
  • American Tour of COTA/Sebring


JHW Motor Racing Technologies Lynx RX #00

JHW will be fielding a car in this event, based around the 2015 JHW Lynx RX

Road car

Race car

Our driver is Blaithin Riordan, a 23 year old driver from the Isle Of Man.

Born to Irish parents, Blaithin honed her skills from a young age driving karts round the Jurburgring, the IOM’s only race track. when in her teens, she graduated to the British National Championships, and eventually going into single seaters. that was where she first caught the eyes of JHW. since 2013, she has been part of the JHW Motor Racing Technologies family and has provided us with an incomparable talent.


Looking great. You do need a second driver btw. I have one who could do with some experience if you want to take them on :stuck_out_tongue:


As there are less than 10 team entries right now I’m opening last minute doors for users to run a “independent” version of their manufacturer cars in seperate teams if they so wish. This should also see the use of some of the independent engines, as right now there are no independents in the field.


consider the boy signed!!!


His name be Eric Harper and he was born on april 30th 1996.
Also, could you please use the entry form provided and hand me the .car file for the racecar so I can check its legality?


on the way!


In the build up to next season, You can create the faces and helmets for your drivers! If you do so please send me screenshots or links to these so that I can prepare a new set of driver cards. Those who don’t, I will be taking the liberty of making faces & helmets for you.

Please send screenshots of helmets in a left-facing side profile like the picture below.


AM: Hello and welcome to a one of special; we’re here to talk with Michael Martins, Eric Harper, Kevin Parsons, and Karel De Lang; Gentlemen, welcome. Now, its clear that we’ve got some interesting prospects here, all of you are Bramhall drivers, three of you drive for WST last year and three of you will race this coming year. So, lets start with Karel, you’ve been a part of Bramhall for a fair while now, you’ve driven for them in BTCC, GTE, came into the WST to set up the programme, and now you’re heading off again. How has this been for you?

KL: How well put! No, it’s been wonderful working with the crew at Bramhall, some of the guys I knew from the BTCC programme are here on WST, and still working with Brooklands too, that’s a good sign for the future. Coming here it was like being a rookie again, the car we’ve got is an old bodystyle but all the technology underneath is incredible. The amount of attention to detail is wonderful and last year it drove like a dream. I’m heading off to GTE next year and we’re moving to a brand new car there, so hopefully we can land running and get some good performances right out of the gate.

AM: Thank you for that, Kevin, you raced alongside Karel last season, you also ran in the BTCC. What has it been like driving alongside someone with Karels Experience?

KP: It’s been a journey I’ll tell you that much! I think driving in GTE put him off his game for touring cars but it still wasn’t easy beating him. I’ve learned a lot driving along side him and I expect to carry this over to next season. The car should still be competitive and we should be able to consistently score points if not get on the podium. But, that all depends on how others have been developing. But, yeah, I’m glad I got the chance to drive alongside Karel and I hope I get the chance to again in future.

AM: It certainly seems like things are looking up, we’ve got drivers coming through from Bramhalls young driver programme, and one of those drivers is Eric Harper. Eric, we’ve seen you do well in the Juniors Series, and we know bramhall want to put you through your paces. What can we expect from next season?

EH: To be honest I knew something was going to happen with WST, I was waiting waiting waiting waiting, then I got a call. I knew it was for a driver but I also knew it wasn’t going to be at the factory team. There was rumours about me going to Autoteknica but then Adam’s telling me I’m going to race for JHW. I was surprised to say the least! It was certainly a weird one but I am so excited to see how I’m going to perform out there. Bramhall have put a lot of faith in me right now and I intend to come good for them.

AM: Well, you’ll have a good team mate alongside you. Finally we move on to perhaps the most intriguing person on this list. Title contender last seasons, stricken by poor reliability but now hoping to fight back, it’s Michael Martins, so, quickly talk us through what went on since the end of last season.

MM: Well, it was an odd set of circumstances, I was told my contract with Keika had been terminated and I was devastated. The car was a rocket in the straights and I could just about keep it together in the corners. In the end the engine just didn’t have it and we lost out. It’s a shame but that’s what happens sometimes. A few weeks later I get this call from Elliot Goodwin, he’s the head honcho over at Brooklands, and he tells me Adam Parsons is offering a test in the Viva, I’m ecstatic. I head down to Oulton Park, run a test there against Kevin, Karel, and Yusef Akram from the Juniors, Elliot is there and things are looking good, then, I kid you not the engine sends a rod through the cylinder wall when Kevin pulls out the garage for his… third?

KP: (Smiling in remembrance) Fourth run that one.

MM: Fourth run, you hear him rev it a little to get it going and clank, stop. Now we’re all stood there looking at the car like “Well what do we do now” and you should’ve seen Kevins face when he stepped out. He was absolutely terrified, we get sent home cause theres no spare engine, and I’m waiting. Now Kevin knows what’s going on, Karel knows what’s going on, I think Yusef is vying for a seat and Yusef is just there doing his thing as a young driver, so I’m just waiting for a call. In the end it does come though, Elliot invites me to the Brooklands factory and then he shows me a contract, two year deal. I was absolutely thrilled, I sign it and as I’m walking out at the end of the day I pass Kevin, he smiles. He’ knows what’s going on. (Kevin laughs, Karel smiles) He, he’s in on it. But yeah, thats how I got to where we are today. I’ve not driven the new car yet, Kevin has with Karel, but next week we’re back at Oulton Park for the uh, press release.

KP: It is a real good car, you’ll love it when you drive it.

KL: It does drive well, very well.

AM: Alright, Well thank you very much gentlemen, and thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoyed this something different on ITV; a look behind the scenes at Bramhall and a nice introduction to three drivers who’ll be racing next season, and a Catch up with the outgoing Karel De Lang. The first race of the season kicks off on 20th March, I’ll see you then. Ba-bye.


Flamers VitiaCo Racing Press Release

After a successful venture into motor racing in 2012 with the VitiaCo Racing Series, Flamers Racing and VitiaCo have decided to take the step up to World Series Tourers.

Given how close the deadline was to the beginning of the season and factoring into account the time it takes for homologation the decision was made that for the first year the team would complete with a modified version of the VitiaCo Racing Series car, the Julio Mk3. Both VitiaCo and Flamers Racing were under no illusion that being competitive within the field would be a challenge however the aim of the season was to build a solid foundation and move up the field next season.

Luckily for the newly formed team they had quite a talent pool of drivers that they had helped in their careers. The decision was quickly made on the first driver, Jeremiah Stanley. Jeremy is a British driver who rose to prominence by winning the inaugural season of the VitiaCo Racing Series at the age of 20, since then his has worked with VitiaCo across a number of other racing disciplines but jumped at the chance to represent the team in the World Series Tourers.

The second driver was a harder choice, whilst there is a wealth of talent that has come through the system, the management decided that taking on of the hotshots within the current series and giving them the chance on the big stage would give much better exposure. Due to this they picked the young French driver Xaiver Boullier, notorious for his pace what he lacks in consistency he makes up for in raw talent and speed.


Interview with Camden Frazer

I: I am sitting with Camden Frazer, head of Rutherford Motorsports. Camden, I expect many of our readers are excited about your recent announcement that Rutherford Motorsports will be fielding a team in World Series Tourers this year. This is a bit of a surprise, after Rutherford did not enter the first season–can you say anything about why you are joining now?

CF: As you know, racing is very important to Rutherford Motors, and we considered entering the 2015 season. Due to other commitments we were not able to dedicate a team to WST until later than we would like, and in the end we determined that if we entered, we would likely not be competitive. And that just didn’t make sense for us–fielding a team in an intercontinental series like WST is expensive, and fielding a backmarker doesn’t return enough benefit. We decided it would be better to take our time and field a car we were happy with this year.

I: Do you think you will be competitive against the returning manufacturers?

CF: That is hard to say–racing a car for a season teaches you a lot of things about it that do not show up on a test track, and we are aware we will lack a level of refinement relative to the teams that have been able to iron out some of their first-season bugs. However, the technical changes for 2016 will shake things up again. The bottom line is that we are very happy with what we are bringing for 2016–we think we are getting most of the performance possible within the technical regs. How will it stack up to the competition? Ask me again after a couple races.

I: Both your drivers are new to WST–can you tell our readers a bit more about them?

CF: Anders Østberg is a veteran driver who has driven for Rutherford Motorsports in other series for a few years–he is a very polished driver and we hope his experience will compensate for our untested car. Mary Home is new to us, but has shown considerable talent in local racing–we are happy to give her her first opportunity on an international stage.


Dawn of the Final Day, 12 Hours Remain

From this post there are twelve hours left for submissions as I will be out for most of the day. When I get back I will homologate and finalise entries, then get to work on driver cards. Everyone who wishes to submit their own driver faces and helmets refer to the post in this thread regarding this please.



Those of you who have submitted drivers, please feel free to submit faces & helmets using the details linked to at the top of the main post.


The CEOs from both ITM and Machinima Motorworks are personally handling the delivery of their race cars to the first raceway within the upcoming week along as thier driving hastily to the nearest airport with an added security team to ensure safety.


Below is a statement made by Daniel Adami, WST Representative

As we draw closer to the season, I must apologise on behalf of the WAM for the belated Homologation regarding three entrants into this season of World Series Tourers. These entries will be processed and have their slots confirmed in the championship. As it stands three teams are awaiting Homologation, with WAM awaiting the official line-up from two of them, We wish these teams the best of luck throughout the WST season and their further commitment to WAM events.


The WAM Has now released the official calendar for the WST 2016 Season. The first race will be in Spain at the Circuit De Catalunya, we will then travel around the world for eight races, before finishing the season in Japan at Fuji. Thank you all for your entries, more information will come with time, but for now, driver cards are being distributed


Round Track Practice/Quali Race
1 Circuit De Catalunya March 19th March 20th
2 Spa Fancochamps April 2rd April 3rd
3 Monza/Imola April 23rd April 24th
4 Hockenheim May 14th May 15th
5 Silverstone/Brands Hatch May 21st May 22nd
6 COTA/Sebring July 16th July 17th
7 Red Bull Ring August 6th August 7th
8 Fuji August 27th August 28th

Starting from the 20th September, expect about one race per week, with a practice & qualifying breakdown, highlights of the commentary transcript for each of the two races, and the pitlane round up. Beam Screenshots may also be included but I will not promise those.

Driver Cards



Fuji Motorworks, Inc. tweeted:
Have fun this year in the #WorldSeriesTourers - we aren’t quite sure who to cheer on yet, but if you want some excitement for yourself, we might have something that’ll do the trick. See you at Fuji!