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Would you rather drive this or that?




  • MP4
  • 570s

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The newer R8’s have just too much grill. Kinda cheap looking compared to the 570s imo


In either case I’d take the 570S. It’s a more complete car.


Between the A7 and 6 series, it’ll really come down to which engine it’s got, the Audi definitely looks better but fuck the repairs for either one


Which 90’s retro-bubble concept car is best bubble?

1995 Cardi Body

1995 Chrysler Atlantic

1995 Ssangyong CRS Concept

1996 Colani Horch Mega-Roadster (It was hard to find an image of this that resembled a drivable car)

1990 Plymoth Prowler

  • Cardi Body
  • Chrysler Atlantic
  • Ssangyong CRS
  • Colani Horch Mega-Roadster
  • Plymoth Prowler

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You should’ve thrown the Lincoln Futura in with the retro-bubble concepts.


Would you rather drive…

A Ranger with a Mustang front end?

Or a Mustang with a Ranger front end?

  • Rustang
  • Manger

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The rangers nose actually works well with the mustangs body


Kinda looks like a Crown Vic coupe with the Ranger front.


A Mustang with a Ranger nose is less ridiculous and more believable than the other way around.


Ferrari 488

991.2 GT3 RS

  • GT3 RS
  • 488 GTB

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GT3RS because:

a. porsche fanboy
b. more refined handling/more extreme
c. rarer. any rich CEO will go out and buy a 488 or Portofino (The cover of motortrend’s May 2018 issue perfectly illustrates my point) where only those looking for a hardcore driving experience will buy an RS.
d. N/A vs. TT

edit: 488 Pista vs. GT3RS would be a fairer fight


Which one would you drive?

A wonderful MX5 NBFL ?

…Or a damn MR mk III ?

  • MX5 NBFL
  • MR mk III

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U need one for utility

Ford F150

Dodge Ram

  • F150
  • Dodge Ram

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488 vs 911 - neither, I don’t like Porsche, I don’t like Ferrari. McLaren please :grin:
MX5 vs MR2 - I like Mazda, win.
F150 vs Ram - I have no idea about pickups, but the Dodge looks better IMO.

And from the older ones - S8 vs S63 - Audi, only because V10. If it was S8 vs S65 though… I’d go for that 6-litre-biturbo-V12-1000Nm absurdly excessive powerplant. And then cry whenever it needs service.


Nice choice, nice choice :sunglasses:


488 vs GT3 RS - 488 looks better :stuck_out_tongue:
NB vs MR2 - The NB is best MX5, and any MX5 is better than that gen MR2
F150 vs Ram - Ford Fanboy


Kia Stinger GT

BMW 340i

Edit: ooops, wrong version of the BMW.

  • Kia Stinger GT
  • BMW 340i

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Edit 2: ooops, didn’t make the votes public. Ehh, I’m not gonna remake the poll this time.


Porsche 944

Mazda RX-7 FC

  • Porsche 944
  • Mazda RX7 FC

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Depends what kind of 944. Some were gloriously shite, others were actually pretty serious.