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Would you rather drive this or that?


Wait what? Since when any of these except A4 is premium? And I have no real idea about them, so I choose 508 purely for the looks and that spaceship interior (a case of screen-instead-of-gauges done right).


I would go for the Arteon right away - and spec it with a petrol engine (blame Dieselgate for that). The Talisman is not available in the UK (or anywhere else outside Continental Europe, for that matter - and if it were, it would struggle to trouble the class best-sellers there), the 508 actually looks a bit too aggressive from the front, and the A4… well, it’s been refreshed, but on the outside it hasn’t quite changed enough compared to its immediate predecessor. Plus, the Arteon can be had with what is essentially a slightly detuned version of the Golf R’s engine.


I selected Renault Talisman because i hate German Cars except all opels and some mercedes (Because i like some from NFS).I think talisman looks better than peugeot 508 but i don’t what engines offer Peugeot so i selected renault.


they have always been, the 508 and the Talisman were made to compete in the premium market in europe.


Wait, in the USA the Passat rivals the Mondeo (fusion)? Here it’s sort of halfway between upper mainstream and premium. Then again the EU spec R line is different completely to my knowledge.


I very much doubt that’s enough to be premium. Surely not enough image, not enough power. I can’t say about luxury or refinement, but I doubt that they’re sufficient too.

Also @Boxsterholics Passat approaching premium :joy:


Speaking for this here land of 'Murica, Passat and Fusion are cheaper midsize options, just above Camry and Accord, but far below 3 series, c class, lexus is.


But it is lol, They sell these as premium cars, and that’s how car medias call them… You can have a Talisman with a (downgraded at 225hp) megane RS engine, and the 508 will be available with a 225hp engine too (and a less powerful but hybrid one, but in 2019).


Are those the top of the line engines?


Yes, you can have diesels too, but they are less powerful.


Thanks Masterdoggo for information.


That would be a weak engine in 'Murica


Yeah but they target the European market, here a >2.0L engine is big


The one we have has all the toys a proper premium car should have and more probably, plus it has 220hp and a sub-7 second 0-60 time.


And here the top Volvo V60 has 390 hp, not 225. Oh, yes, the base petrol one has 250 hp. Hell, even Skoda Superb can have more power (280 hp), and don’t even start about it being a premium car. And marketing guys will tell you anything just to make you buy their stuff, but it doesn’t make their bulls… true. Car medias? Didn’t encounter any to call these cars premium.


Our EU market is pretty different to yours. Just thought I’d put it out there.


Eh, it’s not only about HP you know, there is the finish, the inide… if it was only about HP, the A4 wouldn’t be a premium either, the most powerful engine is a 3.0TDI of 272hp. In Eu West, it is premium, that how we call it, we have very few cars that make more than 200 hp on the road.


Not only. There’s also image, which these two lack. And RS4 is just another variant of the A4. But still a base A4 is premium, while the top Passat isn’t. Finish? Are they better in this than Passat, Superb, Mondeo, Camry (soon to replace Avensis, so counts), Insignia, Mazda 6? Or all of them, basically all the middle class in Europe, are also “premium”?

@Boxsterholics What do you mean?


200hp is more than enough for a premium european sedan, probably even enough for an entry-level sports car.


For a base variant, for sure. But not for the flagship one. In that case it’s pretty hilarious.