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Would you rather drive this or that?


Time to settle a sort-of disagreement @Microwave and I have had for a while :wink:

Which is the best 70s-90s Jaguar?

Jaguar XJ (Series 2-3 + XJ40)

Series 3 pictured

Jaguar XJS (Original, H.E. and Facelift)

H.E. pictured

  • Four Door Rust Bucket (Jaguar XJ)
  • Two Door Rust Bucket (Jaguar XJS)

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I gotta go with the Sedan, personally. Looks less like a boat.


XJS everyday, the XJ is uuuuh, not to my taste.:thinking:


Now all I need is enough money to feed a small country and I can keep the XJS running.


Just answered a bunch of these:

  • F150 because EcoBoost (which means I can fit an obnoxious blow off valve to it but no one will suspect it’s the truck making those noises)
  • Kia Stinger GT - only car that’s currently in production that I actually would want to own, and I’m not entirely sure why
  • 944/FC - legitimately cannot decide
  • Mazda 6 - hopefully has good handling
  • Renault Alpine GTA - because I’ve heard too many bad things about the DeLorean
  • Volvo 240/Saab 900 - is “both” an option?
  • Trabant 601 - mostly because curiosity
  • A45 AMG - Toss-up with the Focus RS, but I like the fact that Mercedes will unironically sell one of their cars with canards and a tall rear wing
  • Citroen CX - though I nearly picked the Audi 100 Avant for the second challenge the CX appeared in


Here comes my next set of answers:

488 Evo - Looks more menacing than the 911, which should be enough to convince any opposition to let me pass them by.

C7R - No replacement for displacement.

GT40 Mk.4 - As above.

XJS - Tom Walkinshaw launched his long and distinguished career in touring cars by entering this big, bulky coupe in Group A competition during the 80s, and never looked back.


The people have spoken, the XJS is better than the XJ.

I mean, you’re all wrong, but you can’t convince everyone can you :wink:


Don’t do drugs, XJS is better, that’s all :sunglasses:


Well, at least 30% of us are normal.


I feel in love with the XJS when Simon Templar drove one in the Return of the Saint. That and the funky theme music were the best thing about it


All of us are in fact wrong. Because the best 1970 Jaguar is of course the 420G, but only after swapping the Jag straight six for a Daimler 4.5 V8. Because period and geographically correct V8 swaps are the shit., plus the Turner V8 is far more powerful than the XK.


Well Mr German, I never realised you worked for the Kray twins!


-Mercedes 200: I really love all the cars, I love the CX design and suspension, the Toyota, Peugeot, Lancia, Fiat, Audi and BMW design, but I love the Mercedes package. Timeless design, awesome reliability and comfort, and incredible awesome quality build.

-911 RSR. Faster than the Ferrari, good reliability, and excellent pace.

-Vette: I love the v8 roar. And Antonio García drives one.

-Ferrari. Nothing to say.

-XJS. the sedan it looks incredible, and I love it, but the XJS, hmmmmmmmm…


Some cars for the person who appreciates a quality driving experience over raw numbers.

1972 Lancia 2000 HF Coupé:
1991cc Twin Cam OHV (!) Flat 4, electronic fuel injection, 125hp, 5-speed manual transmission, front wheel drive

1956 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT (Sixth series):
2451cc OHV V6, Carburated, 112hp, 4-speed manual transmission, rear wheel drive (transaxle)


  • The last great Lancia (2000 HF Coupe)
  • The gold standard of what a Lancia should be (Aurelia B20 GT)

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Iron oxide galore!


The Aurelia by a whisker. I prefer its more curvaceous design, but not by much. And it has an RWD transaxle layout.


Gotta go with the 2000 HF, personally. Interesting design choices combined with FWD make it interesting to me. After all, Twin-Cam OHV is something you don’t see every day.


BMW 7-Series. E32, or E38?

  • E32
  • E38

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Your favourite 911





  • 901
  • 930
  • 964
  • 993
  • 996
  • 997
  • 991
  • 991.2

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Or this?

  • Cheated Honda
  • Cheated… WTF IS THIS?

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