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Would you rather drive this or that?


Earlier I voted for the Camaro because it’s a better all-rounder than the Challenger, which feels more like a one-trick pony in certain trim levels.

Then I voted for the Huracan because it is even more flamboyant and intense than the R8 ever will be, especially in Performante form.

And now I’m picking the Accord, if only because it’s not as boring as a Camry, which now looks like something from Angry Birds anyway after its latest redesign.

  1. Challenger - I’ve got a soft spot for Mopar
  2. R8 - Huracan would be too falmboyant for my tastes, and the r8 is all around a well designed package
  3. Accord - Hate Toyota’s styling, even though the accord is not much better. It’s the better of the two.


Camaro/Challenger is the difficult one, I like them, yet dislike them both. Went for the Camaro in the end. I’m not entirely sure why.

R8 for me, I just like how they look, and the fact that they are comfortable to drive as well. They are closer to an old NSX than the new NSX in my view.

Accord and Camry… They are both hideous. Do I really have to?


Challanger/Camaro: Hate both, but would chose the Camaro because it CAN turn.

Audi R8, never trust anything from Italy.

Honda Acord.


To be fair, the Huracan is practically German.

  1. Camaro: More Camaros=More work
  2. R8: I really don’t have an opinion, but Lambos are hella expensive to maintain, and finicky
  3. Accord: Those things last for-ev-er! Like, had a friend seriously try to destroy his; ran it without oil. It would not die.


Accord. I much prefer Honda over the Camry. Its better looking, and is much more interesting


Accord because “Save the Manuals”

Toyota does deserve credit for sticking with a naturally-aspirated V6, especially one with just over 300 horsepower. Both cars look great, but I prefer a manual so the Accord gets my vote.


Screw Camry, I want a Corolla!



Or Civic

  • Civic
  • Corolla

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You guys can ask questions two you know


Civic because turbo and manual = fun.

@Holts Good to know, but this wasn’t made explicit in your initial post. :stuck_out_tongue:


Civic because it looks better, and drives better


A lot of choices where I’d rather drive neither haha. If you’d offered any other Lambo of course I’d have to consider it but with the Huracan there is practically no benefit over the R8 (especially if by that you mean the V10 Plus).

Between a Camry and an Accord the Accord is superior. If you had asked me about Camry’s beefier brother the Aurion then that would be interesting, because old school V6 powaaaaa.

Between a Civic and a Corolla there is actually no contest, especially in FK8 chassis: the Civic is pretty much a class above. Even the CVT turbo is a joy to drive (gasp!) If Australia got the Si that’d be something I would want, but sadly it’s not sold here because Australians can’t handle stick anymore apparently.


We can so too drive MANUAL, just most choose not to. Unless you mean cant drive at all…


A Civic, obviously. It’s way better to drive in my opinion.


2018 Buick Regal GS

Or 2018 Kia Stinger GT

  • Buick Regal GS
  • Kia Stinger GT

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Yeah I can’t emphasise that as a fellow Australian I’m actually quite insulted that manual isn’t being offered.

For the current car, can somebody tell me a single reason to drive the Regal over the Kia other than brand loyalty.


Good though the Regal is, a Vauxhall by any other name is still a Vauxhall. Calling it (or more accurately, the new Insignia, on which the Regal is based) the next Holden Commodore and foisting it on the Australian market just feels wrong - compared to its predecessor, it doesn’t have the same drivetrain layout (FWD, not RWD) and powertrain options (auto-only, no V8). Especially considering that Vauxhall and Opel are now owned by PSA Peugeot-Citroën.

The Stinger GT is also auto-only, but its optional V6 is a twin-turbo unit, and crucially, the Stinger is rear-drive. Not surprisingly, it gets my vote.


Well, the US market is very different than the Australian market. Also, the Regal GS is AWD. For me personally, Hyundai/Kia/Genesis still don’t have good enough reputation, quality, and dealership network for me to consider one.


I love the styling of the stinger ill pick the stinger