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Would you rather drive this or that?


VQ35DE, like the 350Z, for example, no?


Yep, same engine thats in the Espace!


Technically the Espace uses the Maxima VQ35, as it is transversely mounted and has 240hp. I know such things because oddly enough I’ve owned both an Espace and a Maxima.


Lucky!!! I like the way the Espace looks. The closest thing the US has is the Nissan Quest which using the same engine and is also a minivan but that’s all that’s similar unfortunately. I’d buy one but they’re not reliable I guess


In the old days you could get a Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager with a 2.5 turbo. An especially rare version came with a 5 speed manual. Few buyers chose that option so that particular setup is hard to come by. However at present day, that 3.6 will put your ass in the seat.


Here’s my justification for my next few choices:

Prelude - It looks a little bit better than the Accord.

Lupo - Unlike the Arosa, you could have had it as a GTi.

EK9 - It’s purer than any of the others.

Pacifica - I consider it to be better-looking than its rivals.

E46 CSL Arguably more special than any E30 and one of the best-sounding six-cylinder cars ever built.


YASSS E46. Debatably the last “pure” M car. (Don’t worry, we still love you E92.)

Sidenote: dear BMW (and Porsche),
just because the F80 (and GT2) has turbos doesn’t mean it shouldn’t rev higher than is actually helpful!

*he says, looking at his 3.0 TT V12 supercar build that goes to 10,600 but falls out of the power band at 9,800)


We have a Town and Country, a 2010 with the 4.0 Liter and it HAULS. You’ve gotta be careful or else it chirps the tires.


Best Ford Sierra Cosworth!

RS Cosworth a.k.a. the Whale Tail?

Sierra Cosworth?*

*Please forgive me over the exact naming of the Sapphire version, it was sold under a number of different names and I don’t know which to specify exactly!

  • Sierra RS Cosworth (Whale Tail)
  • Sierra Sapphire Cosworth

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I would go for the two-door RS Cosworth, complete with whale-tail spoiler (a feature also fitted to the later Escort RS Cosworth, which wasn’t really an Escort, but rather an AWD Sierra Cosworth 4x4 with the bodywork of an Escort), simply because it’s more iconic with the huge wing in place.


Hard to choose, I voted for the 4 doors, but I like both.


When asked which one I’d rather drive regularly, I’ll choose the 2nd gen. The 4-door may be a bit softer and more understated than the 3-door, but these differences make it a superior choice for daily driving. Of course the availability of an AWD system adds to that appeal. And one thing that I am pretty sure no one has ever considered is that the Sapphire is actually slightly more aerodynamic than the Whale tail.






S4 B5 (V6 biturbo by Cosworth), or S4 B6 (V8 NA)?

  • S4 B5
  • S4 B6

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Both are equally great and unreliable… hmm tough choice.


2008 MY Minivans! I am european, so Diesel it is.

Mitsubishi Grandis!

2.0 Turbodiesel, 140hp

Chrysler Voyager!

2,8 Turbodiesel, 163hp

Renault Espace!

2.0 Turbodiesel, 173hp

Lancia Phedra (really any of the Eurovans, but Lancia is life)!

2.2 Turbodiesel, 170hp

—Volkswagen Sharan (also Seat Alhambra)!

2.0 Turbodiesel, 140hp

—Ford Galaxy!

2.2 Turbodiesel, 175hp

  • Mitsubishi
  • Chrysler that was later sold as a Lancia
  • Espaceship
  • Lancia that was also sold as a Peugeot, Fiat or Citroen
  • Oldswagen (seriously the Sharan came out in 1995)
  • FORD

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I burn em all, then I buy an Espace V6 lmao


I’d take an Avantime V6. But I’ll settle for an Espace.


Toyota Verso, petrol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: