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Would you rather drive this or that?


Yeah 1989 is the begin of LS400’s production, and the w126 was in the end of production, but in 1989, they were fighting in the same category anyway.


If I had kids they would be a mistake anyway, so I choose the ugliest of the bunch, the Ssang Yong, to punish them… :stuck_out_tongue:


Aztek. At least in today’s world, it’d almost blend in. And back then, well, I still didn’t mind the black plastic cladding it had, even it if was a bit unusual looking overall. It was something new, and stood out in a world where cars all looked the same. Plus, the Multipla is too damn small (I’m American, dammit, so I need a lot of room), and the Rodius looks like a Mid-90’s Mercedes SUV fucked a Honda Odyssey and this is the offspring we got.


I’ve actually been thinking the same thing, the Aztek doesn’t look out of place in todays traffic, it was just a bit before its time…


The Multipla does have a very American feature the others lack.

A front bench(ish)


On the topic of the multipla surprisingly few people know that Fiat actually facelifted the Multipla to look a lot more bland and conventional


I would take the Multipla. It’s a better packaged car than the other two, with two rows of three seats.


I guess it does have some charms to it. That interior color is far from great, but… Three people in the front and the guy in the middle doesn’t have a gear-stick in their crotch… Plus, the facelifted version doesn’t look too bad.


Yeah, when you look at new stuff like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross you realise how ahead of its time the Aztek was in the crossover game. The original concept almost looks like something that’d sell today it even has the blacked out floating roof design.

But as for the choice well, the SsangYong Rodius maybe be quite odd to look at and uninspired to drive but at least it has the most powerful engine (162kW) an old 3.2L Inline 6 Mercedes M104 engine giving it as the power to weight ratio of 80.72 W/kg / 20.37 lb/hp, heck even offered with offered with a six-speed manual gearbox option.

While the Aztek made do with a 3.4L GM V6 (138 kW) providing a power to weight ratio of only 75.25 W/kg / 21.85 lb/hp.

The poor Multipla meanwhile only has (88kW) with the most powerful option 1.9 Multijet I4 giving it the power to weight ratio of 59.06 W/kg / 27.84 lb/hp.

While all have mediocre handling and poor interior quality the Rodius doesn’t look quite as bad or cheap as the Fiat or GM option, plus its the only option with up to nine seats so you can easily carry your kid’s friends home too.


  • Acura ZDX
  • BMW X6
  • Mercedes GLE Coupe

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They are all horrible.


None of them. They’re too repulsive for me anyway.


If you want to be hated, at least make yourself as comfy as possible while doing it.


Personally, I love the ZDX.


Mercedes, the least shameful of the bunch which says a lot.


Audi A7

Bmw 6-Series

  • 6 series
  • A7

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BMW, it’s not an Audi and that’s reason enough.


That A7 is newer; I’d take one right away.


The 6-series because while I’d still be perceived as an asshole, at least I’ll be perceived as a rich young asshole instead of an in debt middle aged asshole


R8 Base

Mclaren 570s

  • R8
  • 570S

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