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Wrong weight of 1955 Coupe 2,2m [edited]


4 seats with Coupe body weights ~70kg less then soft top 2 seat variant.


It’s got 2 more seats and a hard top, cloth does weigh less than metal and 4 seats does weigh more than 2. I don’t exactly know what you’re getting at


The issue is that youre comparing two cars with different seat count; try reducing the seat count from 4 to 2 and compare them both.


It’s still a softtop vs hardtop. The hardtop should weigh about the same if not more.


sorry… that body weights ~70kg less


Softtops weigh MORE than hardtops, due to the fact that they only have the floor holding it together.


I might be late to the party but I would say that softtops weigh more than hardtops due to the softtop mechanism & extra support to make up for lost rigidity of a hardtop.
Just as an example, the weight of a 1959 cadillac eldorado softtop is ~100ish kilograms more than the hardtop.


This may be true for American cars, but old European roadsters are in general lighter than hard tops.
Every car from the 60s that I checked was lighter in roadster configuration.


Just checked some euro roadsters in the 60s and the majority (if not all) that i’ve seen were heavier than their hardtop counterparts. It’s very rare for a softtop to lighter than a hardtop.
Think of it this way. if you took one of the key components of a car (the roof) and removed it. It would result in you having to make up for the lost rigidity and safety in a less efficient manner, thus making it heavier.


if you have a body-on-frame car, be it space-frame or ladder, the rigdity of the body does not matter as much since it dees not contribute to chassis stiffness.

dunno if it is modelled in automation tho


I doubt it would be modeled in automation. But even with a body-on-frame vehicle, wouldn’t the body still need to be reinforced in the case of a crash so it wouldn’t crumple in the middle?


i legit tried it and for ladder frame cars, the softtop version can be lighter than the hardtop version, since fabric is lighter than steel or aluminium

reinforced enough to widthstand driving forces like aero and you using the car (car doors being opened and such). but if it is crashed it won’t fold in half since the frame still is there