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Yellow glass should be a headlight, not indicator in BeamNG


Hello mates.
I noticed today that the “pure” yellow glass look texture for the headlights count towards indicators, even though indicators are orange and not yellow. Considering many old cars, especially frenchies, used to have yellow headlights, it’d be way cooler for that texture to be a headlight with yellow light, rather than actually it being an indicator. Just thought i’d point this out, as it’s something fairly straightfoward and i think no one would be opposed to since it’s realistic.
And because Killrob said to call @Daffyflyer or @Daffy , here i am calling you out :3


I concur with this as selective yellow driving lights and fog lights are part of my cars’ design language. I also think there should be a yellow fresnel lens based on the clear one to make older-style light fixtures look decent in selective yellow.