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Yes. I need help


Hello. You may know me as the current owner of the Vector City News Network page.

If anyone can lead me to another page where this has already been resolved, that would be great. Now onto my problem…

As you may know, i review cars. Mostly my own cars. Then, a user i will not name sent me a file for a super-mini, asking if i would try it out. Of course i said yes. Then i realized that i have no idea where to put the file to make it run in my game. There was no folder for saves, as far as i could see. So the questions i have are…

Where are the saves?

Can Automation even run foreign saves?

Are there any bugs i have to look out for?

And will there be bikes in the future? (nah m8 just kidding)

I’m running an Acer Aspire ES1-531 with a broken screen, if that helps at all.


I assume you received a .zip file. Place it into the Documents\My Games\Automation\Import folder.


I don’t remember where are the saves, but you won’t ever need that, unless you want to mess with the .lua files. And @partario just wrote what I was about to write :smile:


Wait, i don’t think there was an import folder the last time i checked. There was only assets and stuff like that. Do i need to make one?


no, @partario explained it right


If you say so.


the assets are in the steam folder, not the documents folder, too. wyou were looking in the wrong place.


Uhm, i’m not using the Steam version. But i’ll check anyways.


Doesn’t matter which version you use.


Which build version do you have?


I’m not actually sure: I’m away from home, i’ll check when i get back.


Well, would you look at that? I cracked the case!

After snooping around, i realized that there was a Cars folder and an Engines folder. So, i check in there. After putting the puzzle pieces together, i realized that the files inside of the folders i had gotten go in there. So, i think it should work.


I think it might cause problems and weird behaviour. Why didn’t you just use the Import folder, which is designated exactly for this?


As far as I know (I might be wrong on this) all that the “import” folder does is unzip the file into the cars and engines folders. So it should work.

What definitely does NOT work is taking the files from those directories and sending them over to someone else.


Still worked. The Import folder, on the other hand, didn’t work.


There’s an easy way. You get a zip file. Open it in Windows Explorer or 7zip or whatever. Simply extract to C:\Users\your_username\Documents\My Games\Automation. It’ll take care of where the files go by itself.