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You have any plans for after Automation?


Because I’m thinking you should take this concept into space. That’s right. Space ship designer. Just port the entire concept over. Create some ship art and add some big science fictiony words and you’ll be golden.


That game about space ships and imaginary sciency words already exists, it’s called “Kerbal Space Program” :slight_smile:


Yes. But there aren’t any games about space ship manufacturers, now are there…


[quote=“VosNox, post:3, topic:21045”]
space ship manufacturers[/quote]

Strut Co. of KSP would like to take offence to that :smiley:


Not to mention Rockomax Conglomerate.


No offense… but you missed April 1st by well over a month. :wink:


I think one could be done for building Airliners…
It has the same aspects. Different motor types, different body types, interior types and a smattering of parts in between.
And you don’t have to make any tech up.
AND AFAIK it hasn’t been done yet.
Plenty of Airline management games and tycoon games, but none that focuses on the aircraft, not really.


The problem with a game about building airliners is that they’re so much more complex than cars. It’s not like you can just weld up a ladder frame and slap an engine on it; like you can with a car.

While aerodynamics are fairly unimportant for cars; it is everything for an airliner. The game must be able to have either fluid dynamics modeling; or very good approximations.

Your best bet right now is to get Kerbal Space Program, a ton of mods for aircraft parts; notably B9 Procedural wings and procedural tanks, and most importantly, the FAR mod with everything set to strict. Obviously it only models the basics like area-ruling, and won’t have the more complex issues such as mach-tuck (though lift does shift rearward while passing the transonic range)… but it is as good as you’ll find anywhere. If you need an example of the realism it achieves; dutch-roll is a fairly common issue.

Also… hello fellow Kerbaliers! @squidhead and @BobLoblaw




You can actually tell who’s building SSTO space planes, and who’s building rockets just by brands they remember most :smiley:


I haven’t had much success with SSTOs since the atmosphere was updated. In the older system I had some pretty effective designs. Including one that looked extremely rickety. I called it the Edsel.


Any future plans are too far in the future to be discussed :slight_smile: of course we do have no lack of ideas for what would come next after the game is done, apart from the obvious expansion packs / DLC for Automation.


A more realistic idea would be along the lines of motorbikes possibly, or semis with the current tech.


Uhh, no. Motorbikes would take about 1.5 years to implement, that’s not within the realms of either feasible or realistic xD
Hemis were outdated tech already at the start of the game in 1946, you would not be able to use them for long and as such it is pretty much wasted effort for us to implement them.


Wow. lol Still more realistic than Space planes I guess xD


Well, i’m mostly building fighter jets… so i don’t really get into the brand that much :slight_smile: altho FAR has been in dev for so long now, i haven’t opened KSP since 1.1.3


That moment when you realize you’re among peers, your favorite game’s message board is full of in jokes about another of your favorite games.


I apologise if you’ve already been asked but wondering how difficult it would be to develop for DLC towards either a racing/motorsport focused expansion or else focus towards heavy vehicles, trucks, buses, etc?


We’ve thought about eventually doing a more racing manufacturer / manager focused expansion, yes. How doable that is and what the scope would be is of course all way out there in the unknown.


Automation x Motorsport Manager crossover. Make it happen :wink: