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You have any plans for after Automation?


For me, in descending order of “how interested I’d be to see it”

  1. Racing-focused expansion, using the existing designer, and being intertwined with the core car-company itself. Could use your automotive expertise to bolster your racing efforts, and use your technology learned in racing to improve your company. Success in racing could be used as marketing, further boosting your sales, and making “smalltime” brands like Lotus and McLaren viable.
  2. More valvetrain control options, and more ignition control options. I dislike having an extremely vague slider for both of them, I’d prefer an option to get in to the nitty gritty and adjust lift, duration, LSA and whatnot for cams, and ignition-type, timing, gap and whatnot for sparks.
  3. Exporter for racing games.
  4. More on the “research” side of things. Instead of just assigning people to learn technologies, and turn some dials to make it happen, it’d be neat to see a part of the game where R&D is fleshed out to the level of making a car.

Still, these are all pipe dreams, and I still love the game for what it is.


To me it sounds like a badly described rotary

You will not believe it, but I can’t believe it myself! Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?


Wow! What a revolutionary idea!


Love the snark you two, but there was talk of it from the devs back on the old Kee engine. Now that we’re on Unreal, I’m wondering if it might “play nice” with the concept more. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Can neither confirm nor deny.


Maybe a timeline-expansion DLC… 1906 start date for 4 glorious more decades of tech familiarity. And then there’d be no excuse for not having flatheads :smiley:


I really hope you guys reconsider an electric DLC because the IRL EV marketshare isn’t a good metric on how many people would be interested in the DLC because and there is a decently sized EV enthusiast community that would be interested in it, personally I could easily pay base game price for the DLC.

Also, would be perfect for future timeline-expansion as we are seeing diesel bans being rolled out for 2020 in a lot of cities and countries, and a lot of car makers are starting to dabble with EVs from Land Rover to Volvo.


I think there is an equally big community of wankel enthusiasts, and an even bigger one for diesels. (Both of which I would very much prefer over EVs!)

And every one of those expansions takes development time … so priorities gotta be set. I’m still hoping for diesels some time in the future, as they got a pretty big marketshare, while wankels and EVs (over the whole timeline) only played a minor role in the automotive industry.

Diesel ban by 2020? Where did you hear that?

That would be pretty much unthinkable, at least in Europe. Approx. 50% of cars here are diesels, in some countrys more or less.


It still amuses me that you can say this with a straight face and everybody in these forums will not chuckle.

Also, don’t really care about rotaries, diesels - I could get behind (even though I hate these IRL). Also yeah, diesels are getting banned first from certain cities, then all cities, then everywhere, I’ve read that somewhere some time ago, so don’t quote me on that


I was taking reference to the claim of there being an “EV enthusiast community” :wink:
Eventual chuckling intended.

The diesel ban thing, after googling it, some cities, including Paris, state a ban by 2025. Which is a sad thing since I’m one of the diesel people.


I will welcome you with open arms into the community of direct responsive, high revving petrol powerplants. You’ll love it.


I probably expressed myself wrong there.

For a sports application, a petrol engine is undeniably better. Higly responsive, high revving, high peak power in a small form factor.

For daily driving though, especially in the city, a diesel is perfect. Easy clutch, lots of torque down low, uses less fuel.
Plus, we in Austria have horsepower based tax so the torque curve of a diesel was especially welcome.

Anyway, we’re going OT.


I would suspect the big concern with electric, is that it would be super hard to balance. Unlike all the variables in a car engine, and all the tradeoffs, an electric motor basically only has to balance two scales: Cost vs Performance, and Cost vs Range.


maybe if those Euros could figure out sensible diesel regulations like we have in the states (ultra low sulfur content), they wouldn’t have to resort to banning a perfectly sensible fuel. On top of the added fuel economy of diesels, it’s actually gotten cheaper than gasoline/petrol here.


Uh… have you seen the US’ standards for NOx emissions? That isn’t sensible. The only way to pass them is to either lie or use DEF.


Also the ULSD in Europe has been implemented before the USA has started to do so, AND the ban is not actually about the sulfur, but about the NOx