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Your guilty car pleasure/confession


So…inspired by the true/false thread and the “how did you discover Automation?” thread, I decided to start this. It’s simple: share that guilty car related pleasure or confession. More than one if you’re feeling like it too.

I’ll begin: I dig manual transmission crossovers.


I like Toyota Prius.


Does confessing to seeing “exactly how fast a car can go - after you buy it” count?


I prefer little eco sh*tboxes over most super/hypercars


I actually unironically enjoy ripping it up in my diesel Ford Fiesta.


I like the Chrysler-era Shelby cars over most Ford Shelbys. The torque-steer-loving, always-too-powerful-for-their-crappy-chassis sporty cars like the Daytona IROC, over stuff like a GT500. Yep.


I don’t like Japanese Sports cars and supercars as much as their European and American Counterparts.


there is nothing all that mega-special about the big 4 ‘JDM’ legends. good cars they may be, but they’re just 20-30 year old sports cars that have generally been badly modded at this point.


I traffic light race everyone… even if they don’t know it :smile: gotta be ahead of the slowpokes


I absolutely adore shooting brakes. Except the completely stupid and ugly 4-door things Mercedes has come up with recently.


I strongly prefer a good flat woven cloth seat over a leather seat. I really wish heated CLOTH seats were more widely available.


I absolutely love minivans. Not the euro MPV’s that are small, I mean that I love big American minivans. Chrysler Town and Country, Toyota Sienna, Chevy Uplander. Awesome vehicles!!


I had a 2nd gen Kia Sedona when my boys were really little. I LOVED that thing. So comfy, good power, reasonable economy, TONS of space. I loved folding the rear row into the floor and taking out the mid-row seats, then taking my oldest camping. We’d just sleep in all that cargo space back there, with the slider windows cracked a little (had vent shades installed so even if it rained, we stayed perfectly dry and cozy)


I’m looking at buying a second gen! The 3.8 V6 sounds cool but I’m not sure if I like the interior, but I’ll have to sit in one. I like them!


I like obscure japanese sedans and wagons from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as japanese vans almost no matter what…


I like the way the '94 Scorpio looks. The front anyway, I can admit the rear is all kinds of meh.


I really love Japanese sedans.


I really like how the Lincoln LS looks.


Diesel is just better.


I’m actually happy driving a 2010 Prius.