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Your guilty car pleasure/confession


Technically, you’re right. But… vroom, vroom, VROOOOM. :grin:


I’m starting to kinda like the second gen Mustang’s looks


Well, there’s not much to say about this, is there?
I will want one until I die (Copen Cero)



I like these.

And if you’re lucky enough to get the 3.5L V6, you’ll get to 60 miles per hour in first gear. Holy crap.


Citroen C4 Cactus, specifically the Forbidden Chocolate coloring:

I’ve never wanted to eat part of a car so much in my entire life, I genuinely really like them.


I love the look of the cop models.


Lada 111/112


For some reason I don’t really like most Japanese cars in general. Honestly, there’s loads of them that are extremely overhyped and overpraised. They are not bad, but people just think they are undefeatable.

Also, I hate most of the car communities where people just circlejerk about things that are trendy and “correct”. e.g. over-praising certain cars, despising newer cars as unreliable (irl new cars are actually much, much more reliable than older cars, it’s more of a problem of complexity, care and human error), despising supercars and over-praising manuals.


They’re not that much more reliable than most anything made since at least the mid 90s. Although they are definitely more efficient. But I agree on the complexity thing. Hence why I prefer 90s cars (although I do still have a soft spot for newer econoboxes, including a prior car I referenced here, the 3 banger Mitsubishi Mirage). I’m definitely a stickshift supremacist, but autos definitely have appeal for good reason. I personally don’t care for torque converted autos and despise dual clutches, but I love CVTs (when done right. Like Honda’s. Theirs is one of the few automatics I genuinely like (although I’d still never give up manual completely for it)).


I know what you love, don’t worry, I’m not here to judge you, but then most of the Internet car communities are just a big pile of circlejerk POS and they keep praising cars that are at least from 90’s or earlier. I just extremely tired of them anyway.
On the complexity side tho, most new cars aren’t that complex than anything before them, as most of the internals are just similar to what their 90’s or 00’s siblings anyway, but with some newer tech + safety features fitted inside.
Besides that, despite their complexity most new cars are at least carefully designed to meet the standards, reliability levels and all kinds of driver’s tastes.
And honestly I’m no stickshift elitist, and I don’t hate automatics either. But I actually love to own a car with DCT, if tuned great they can be good as a manual or as an automatic at the same time.


I think it’s more packaging and how some of the tech is integrated. But that varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hondas are gonna be super simple to work on irrespective of the year for instance. Whereas an Audi will typically be more obtuse (no hate for those who like Audi). Speaking of german cars and their overly complex design, I invoke another guilty pleasure of mine, the W220 Mercedes S Class.

I’ve always just liked their styling (not as much as 70s to early 90s Mercs, those I absolutely adore aesthetically) and see them floating around for cheap. Always thought it would be fun to take one with a larger engine (V8 or V12, either works), convert it to coils, put an exhaust on, and make an odd german land yacht/muscle car combo.


I gotta say I agree with you on that, but I much prefer the look and interior of the W221. Pure beauty!


sticking with the Merc theme
(may already have been posted, but…)


They are all blobby round and their overdone grilles and GAAAH!


Personally I don’t hate modern Mercs… but I have literally no idea how to distinguish a modern C-Class and an E-Class

This image is from google and… what the hell is supposed to be the difference


one is C one is E


Speaking of modern Mercedeses…plz don kill me

I actually like them.


I also kinda like the CLA’s styling. Although I’m definitely not a fan of the new C, E, or S class’ styling.


i mean…
the T-model wagon-gang versions are “okay-ish” at best, but the sedans/ coups/ whatever else there is is just…

pukes all over the place



Wait until you see the current BMW ones.

What is this, a car-sized radiator?


Unpopular opinion: I quite like modern Mercedes, I adore Audis, and I have and always will strongly dislike any BMW.

I can tell the difference, though it’s kinda dumb admittedly. The E-Class has one more headlight strand and one more grille bar. THat’s how the differentiate it, and the S-class has three bits of its headlight.