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Your guilty car pleasure/confession


I do rock a V6 XV20. Solid car.


guilty car pleasure/confession

Ferrari, Lotus, Camaro, V12 Jag



I mean @abg7 if you feel guilty driving a Ferrari or a Jag or a Camaro or a Lotus I can drive them for you :smirk:


Is a 94 Celica? Great!!! The best car in the guorld!!!

Is not a 94 Celica? TOTALLED


I’ve got a new one, I greatly enjoyed experiencing the locally famous embodiment of autoshite, @Microwave 's Peugeot 205 despite spending most time in contact with it doing wiring. Oh and the brake lights failed but that’s a minor.

Despite it’s challenged appearance it’s a solid car, engine doesn’t even leak oil.


I enjoy aiming for an even dollar number when filling up. I usually miss.


That’s only because you buy in gallons. Piss easy in litres. Solution: make your government go metric.


You might as well ask them to abolish the second amendment!


I love the soviet cars.


You’re wrong. In Soviet Russia, soviet cars love you!


Inb4 I’m doing it wrong: I really want to buy an FK8 Type R.

Why? a) I can b) I’m a bit tired of fake vtak with zero throttle response c) it’s pretty much me in C-seg hatch form

Why guilty? It’s a lotta money (for a lotta car), it’s irrefutable evidence that I am really a 13yo douche on the inside, it’s also proof that I’ve turned into a JDM rice racer.


That reminds me: I unironically like the Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG with the aero package


Same tho


On the topic of Mercedes…

I want a GLS450 bad. I will never be able to afford one for probably 30 more years, but a huge Mercedes SUV and a twin turbo V6 with the right amount of power and a great noise just speaks to me. Plus they’re stupid practical, just as good on gas as my Town & Country and built very well.


Same, I like the GLS63 the best out of GLS’
@Echowaffle8 Same! The older one though (2018) not the 2019 one.


I dont think there exists a guiltier pleasure than this:

  1. I got to drive a Mercedes Benz E class once, I thought it was overrated.
  2. the only time I’ve driven rear wheel drive in the snow (winter of 1997, I had an s10 pickup), I wasn’t very good. I’ve never wanted to do that again.


I miss this…


Yes, even in the wheezy base trim.


The third gen Camaro was always my fav

Fite me


I really like the 1st gen Primera.