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Your Perfect 3 car Garage?




nope. hint: the clue is in the title of the thread


3 cylinders (or rather “cylinders”, as Mazda has a rotary engine).


ding ding!

all triples of some nature

3 Cyl turbo

3 Cyl 2 stroke

3 rotors


Hah, I knew that it had sth to do with the engines, but wasn’t sure about the Smart’s cylinder count :slight_smile:


Here are my suggestions, two of which represent the end of an era. Now I know that I will need really deep pockets for this lot in the long term, but it’s safe to say that few, if any, manufacturers will ever build cars like these three again:

Weekend Car: Ferrari 458 Speciale - Quite simply the best all-around supercar ever built in my view. The current 488 GTB, with its smaller twin-turbo engine, is even faster still, but I miss the Speciale’s insane 9000-rpm redline, purer exhaust note and unparalleled throttle response. If it’s not red (or yellow, or white, or black), then it should be blue - with a pair of white stripes as shown below.

Daily Driver: Holden Commodore Motorsport Edition - There could be no more fitting end to the Australian automotive industry. Its replacement is, in effect, little more than a rebadged Opel/Vauxhall Insignia, and the absence of a manual gearbox or a V8 option in the new “Commodore” upsets me deeply - that’s why I’ll make mine a manual. In Spitfire Green. Especially since PSA Peugeot Citroen has just decided to buy Opel and Vauxhall from GM for 2.2 billion euros, neutering the GM connection even further.

(Modern) Classic: TVR Griffith 500 - It still feels like a throwback to the 1960s, but in a good way, even though it was introduced in the early 90s. Moreover, its laid-back feel is a refreshing contrast to the overly hardcore nature of most modern performance cars, including my two other choices, or the new Cosworth-powered model due soon for that matter. I’d prefer to have mine in a bold color like Halcyon Heather - a bright, highly saturated purple that complements the car’s curvaceous shape very well indeed.


While I do love the 458, my personal favorite is the 360 Challange Stradale. That’s the purest of any exhaust note from a Ferrari ever in my opinion. And the single clutch sequential gearbox actually makes the car sounds more analog and involving. Those slightly longer gearshifts just makes the car sound like a proper manual with a quick shifter behind the wheel.


All of these people saying their ideal daily driver would be a Focus or Fiesta and I’m living that life. Honestly though, great it is a brilliant daily driver!

As for what I’d really like





Daily driver:
Toyota Corolla KE20

Plymouth Road Runner '69

Track fun + rallying
Opel Manta GT/E


Sedan sub-compacts are actually quite common here.

Most sub-compacts (fiesta, Yaris, etc) are sold with an option for a sedan. Pre-2000 there were even some cars in that category only available as sedan/coupes (Toyota Tercel for example)


The point of a supermini is to be practical yet compact but doesn’t turning it into a sedan just kind of ruin that?


It’s not like it makes them into huge barges. And in the end trunk space is similar or larger, especially with the rear seat up when comparing to the hatchback variant.

In North America as long as your car is smaller than a Compact (Civic/Corolla) you will probably never have issues with parking or fitting anywhere. Sub-compacts are mainly marketed for those who want something cheaper with better fuel economy.


I actually drive a Toyota Passo and I can tell you from experience that you can literally park it or turn it anywhere.


I meant the practicality aspect, regarding the trunk and rear headspace, rather than exterior size.


Oh, the interior is actually quite spacious for a little hatch for sure.


Rear headspace it depends on the car for sure.

I know you can comfortable sit 4 adults in a Toyota Echo Sedan for example, same for the Aveo Sedan.

OFC with some other cars you have issues with your head hitting the ceilling/back window, but that’s also an issue on some hatchbacks as well.

As for the trunk, in the end the difference is minimal, and most of the sedan variants offer more space when the rear-seat is up compared to the hatch variant as I said earlier.

The main advantage of hatchbacks is for carrying larger objects, but most people don’t transport those super often, and those who do will often just get a larger vehicle.


Not sure which country you are from but the echo is the same as the vitz i think. We use a lot of those here in Jamaica. Our cities aren’t that widespread so travel distances are not that long compared to other countries; also we have a lot of narrower roads than highways so our terrain is best suited towards Japanese designed cars. The Passo I have is the 2010 +Hana G pack that comes with sofa seats in two toned trim. The interior has a lot of space for pretty much anybody, and I’ve seen bigger sedans with way less space. The truck space isn’t all that great but it’s fairly suited for regular day to day activities. I bought mine working as a Medical Representative, a job that had me traveling around the clock so I needed something that was extremely fuel efficient, and it was giving me up to 20km/l at times.

My Passo led me to have great respect for practical small hatches. It’s actually quite comfortable as well as reliable.


I have the strangest urge to change mine.

  1. Fisker Karma

2. Fisker Karma

3. Fisker Karma


Hmm i see a trend here. Could it be you like the fisker karma?


The third one is a Fisker Atlantic tho