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Your Perfect 3 car Garage?


uh, your convertible is a coupe, bud.


Daily driver: Mazdaspeed 6 (Mazda MPS)

Track toy/weekend fun: C7 Corvette Grandsport

Project/Classic/Restomod: 1964-1966 AMC Rambler(1964 pictured)


Totally gonna cheat here.

Daily: Volvo S60 Liftback

Weekend: Miata Coupe

Utility/Fun: Jeep Wrangler 2-door Pickup


Daily: Rolls Royce Phantom:

Spank Bank: Dodge Viper RT/10

Weekend/Track: Mini Cooper JCW Convertible


For weekend and Track days.

For daily

Project car


You guys are gonna make fun of me, but with my budget, I already have it!

The Daily, Focus ST.

The Track car. SVT Contour.

The cruiser!
Crown Victoria.

The best part is how I already have all three!


I’m seeing a bit of blue oval love there


I have had the following as well: (In order of ownership)
1966 Sunbeam Alpine (3rd owner)
1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle (2nd owner)
1994 Lexus ES300 (4th owner)
1999 Ford SVT Contour (First owner)
2003 Subaru WRX (First owner)
1974 Honda CB360 (2nd owner)
1997 Ford Crown Victoria (2nd owner)
2006 Suzuki SV650 (1st owner)

Used to own

Currently own
2016 Ford Focus ST (1st owner)
1999 Ford SVT Contour (2nd owner)
1993 Ford Crown Victoria (2nd owner)

I just happen to have 3 fords for now :slight_smile:


Kawasaki GPz900R:

Honda CBR1100XX:

Honda CBX1000:

(Or this Custom I found on Wikipedia):

(Or the naked variant):

and if I was forced to include a car it would be this:

The Countach, I love every year but I like the 5000QV and LP400 the most.

Automation Bike Tycoon when? Sorry for being contrarian and only including bikes but I just love them a lot more than cars, they are subjectively better in everyway for me.
I picked the GPz900R because it’s important and a legendary bike plus Kawasaki has always been the kings of speed, I picked the CBR1100XX because it’s also a legend and look way better than the overrated Hayabusa, and the CBX1000 is one of the only Six cylinder bikes out there on the street and sounds like a monster plus looks very unique.
But overall this list changes almost daily (Except for the Countach) because I just can’t pick my favourite bike. Unlike cars there’s basically no bike I hate (Except for those damn three wheelers, and I hate ATV’s) even if I don’t like dirt and adventure bikes as much as other bikes.


3 car Garage


boo the fuck hoo someone likes 2 wheels as well as 4


The more cars I see people submit the more I wish it was the 20-car dream garage.


3 Cars for me

Bugatti Type 41 Royale - 14.7 Litres I8 come on…
Jaguar XF - Because obviously I am British so I have to be the British bad guy!
Koenigsegg 1: One because, 1MW of power from the engine?



1973 'Cuda 340, my dad’s project car (not the one in the picture, though.) sounds and looks cool, loves to spin its wheels.


Cherokee XJ-R. Team External Combustion’s project/masterpiece. won grassroots motorsports’ $2000 challenge autocross stage twice. quarter mile in 12.98.


Nissan Stagea 260RS Autech (i swear i didn’t copy titleguy1 on purpose.)


Daily: Yamaha XMAX 250

Weekend: A custom-built flat track-style motorbike

Special purpose (e.g. for going to high profile places or important business presentations): Toyota Vellfire


Personally, I believe the Vellfire is horrendously ugly compared to my minivan of choice, the Sienna. The Vellfire just too over-styled and boxy. The Sienna looks like a normal minivan.


That’s like an over-populated South-East Asian city’s dream garage.


You know it :wink:
Except for maybe weekend vehicle because the people here would likely pick a Harley instead.


That flat tracker burned my leg just looking at it.


Daily Use:Fiat 500 “Riva”

Long Road Use:Toyota Alphard

Mid Distance road:Jaguar XJ40

About Riva:
Because of its small size and its finish

About Alphard:
Because its one of my favorites Luxury MPV/Passenger Fleet and is extremely comfy.I also like V250d but the look of the Alphard is SO BEAUTIFUL (to me at least)

About XJ40:One of my favorite luxe sedan.I didnt have to say more about it.:wink: