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Your Perfect 3 car Garage?


Where are they selling these Toyotas? We don’t get nearly anything like that in the states. Kind of look like if they were, they’d be badged as scions, if it still existed.


Japan. Japan is awesome. They get lots of great cars and just hung in general we don’t.


I’d like to resurrect this thread and update my garage from last time (march 2017):
I’ve configured these cars if possible or found pictures of the exact spec I want:

Long distance/trip driving: Range Rover SWB Vogue PHEV/3.0D

For long distance/trip driving I’d like to have something that’s reasonable on the motorway but I also wouldn’t mind taking out on the bumpy dirt roads I’d most likely be driving through here in Finland while still being in an insulated capsule of comf. Are there more reliable alternatives? Yes, but the RR is 100% my style and you can get it in dark green with a coffee/cream interior.

Daily: Ford Focus Vignale

Practical for everyday use, stylish, great driving dynamics, 6-speed manual with 182hp. What’s not to love? Specify that dark mulberry paint and that’s the cherry on top. This is a car that I would legitimately purchase with my own money if I had the means as it isn’t even expensive, it’s just 30.000€ - 35.000€ so the same as a mid-range Octavia and you get so much kit and all those pros. Plus, uniqueness points since literally no-one is gonna buy a Vignale, let’s be real.

Summer car: Daihatsu Canbus

This is the only one I’m not that sure about. I think my driving enjoyment would be covered enough by the Focus and since I spend at least 2-3 hours at the beach every day in the summer I’d like either a 2-seat hardtop convertible (Like an MX-5 RF in Grey) or more likely a fashion accessory Kei car such as the Canbus. Something to just pick up a friend or two around town and then head to the beach, pop to the shops real quick, whatever. But unlike the previous two this one I’m not that set on honestly on what I’d like it to be specifically. But small, either cute or slicc, convertible or kei.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk


Fuck it, time to update mine.

Sensible daily driver: Hyundai i20. Small, capable, practical and economical. To top that, a modern design that says no to blandness but doesn’t go too funky either. What’s not to like?

Track conversion: Ford Ka (2015). Because who doesn’t want to track a tiny city car by adding a roll cage, better tires and some vitamins for that tiny engine?


Dream car: Ford RS200 Evo. When people pick sports cars they usually pick naturally aspirated engines and the likes, but miss me with that stuff. Nothing like a good turbo kick that catches you offguard to have fun, and more so if it’s a Group B homologation special!


Sensible Daily: Volvo S60 T6. One of the best looking luxury cars out there right now that doesn’t have too much power stuffed into it and is made for comfort. Also won’t kill me on the winter roads :stuck_out_tongue:

Not as sensible daily: Lexus LC 500. I mean…look at it

Dream car: Porsche 959. Ask me tomorrow and it would probably be a '96 Viper GTS or a 550 Maranello. The 959 has basically been a dream car of mine since I played NFS: Porsche Unleashed as a kid.


Honestly my current lineup is pretty good: 2006 Scion xB and 1967 Pontiac Bonneville. There is just one thing missing and that is a heavy utility + backwoods vehicle. So first up I need that:

1985 Ford F250 standard cab – (Utility / Offroad)

With International Harvester 6.9L diesel of course! Transmission? I can either way between the AOD and the Borg-Warner manual but the diesel I will not budge on.

If I had total freedom though I could stand to have a daily that accelerates and handles better. To that end:

2010 Mazda3 2.5 hatcback – (Daily)

Stylish. Quick. And practical for most anything not involving loads over 400 kilos.


And finally, while the '67 Bonneville is a bit eclectic in terms of styling and off the radar (i.e. not a mainstream and completely overdone classic), there is almost nothing that fits that definition better than an early '60s Imperial. How about a:

1963 Imperial Ghia limousine? – (Show Stopper)

Although the limousine is awesome (in part because it is stupidly rare) a standard 1963 Imperial would be an acceptably substitute.

1963 Imperial (standard)


ICON 4X4 Range Rover Classic - for hauling, offroading and daily driving

Singer 911 DLS - ultimate weekend toy

McLaren F1 GT LM - Papaya Orange track missile…

That’ll about cover it for me…


MR2 SW20

GC 22B



I think it is probably time I updated mine. You can call me sad…

Daily/long trips - Volvo V60 D4 Inscription

Super economical, super luxurious, simply stunning, tonnes of space… What more could I want?

Fun (for now) - Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered

For now, you ask? Yes, because there is a “V60 R” in the pipeline being developed for 2020 which could be close to 450 bhp and that will certainly be my preference. Otherwise the S60 T8 Polestar Engineered takes it because it has all the benefits of the 60-range Volvos with more power and yellow/gold things like the brake calipers, seatbelts etc.

Trips/rugged/other stuff - Volvo V60 Cross Country AWD

…Yeah. But just look at it! Imagine that in white in front of some massive wooden chalet in the Alps surrounded by snow.

In all honesty though, I’d really just be happy with one that does a bit of everything, the Volvo V60 T6 AWD R-Design. Still can go on snow and light off-roading, still looks amazing, and still goes pretty damn quick! In fact, this is my desktop background. Yeah, I kinda love the S/V60 at the moment, does anybody have a spare 50 grand I can have?


Mine has been updated as well, I’ve explored more of my taste in cars, and I’ve evolved.

Enter Japan.

2016 Toyota Crown Athlete

A super quick, decently sporty, yet very comfortable daily driver. With the 2GR engine, one of (if not the) best 6-cylinders of all time, an 8-speed automatic and executive car proportions. I think this thing has the perfect amount of sport in its step and it looks absolutely incredible. I’ll fight y’all on this grille too, I like it a lot.

2012 Mercedes-Benz S600

This one hasn’t changed. With the perfect powertrain and a jet-like feel, the only thing dissapointing about the W221 is reliability and cost. But in a perfect world, who cares?


Chrysler Pacifica

This one also hasn’t changed. I don’t really do racing so I don’t have a track car here, but if I want to go to a track day, the Toyota will do! I can’t do without my minivan haha.


I suppose I’ll update my list as well.

Daily Driver/Commuter: 2018 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T

If the Malibu Premier had better headlights and didn’t require premium fuel, I would’ve chosen that instead. If Tesla had better build quality, I would choose a Model S. The Accord has less compromises when compared to the others. Plenty fast (just as fast as my 2.0T Camaro) and decent efficiency in a big comfy sedan.

Weekend Warrior: 2018 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 3LT

I’d trade the heavier supercharged Camaro for something lighter and more visually appealing, while still having an amazing V8 growl and exceptional overall performance.

Utility Hero: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Duramax

IDK why, but I just like the Silverado better than the Ram. Supposedly, the upcoming 3.0L Duramax will make the most power out of the three American half-ton pickups, which would still be enough power for a vehicle that I’ll only use for utility purposes, while still getting good efficiency.


Honestly, that would be really close to mine right now


Let’s see … the top 3 for me is Porsche Paamera, Hyundai Creta and something small and fast, like a Ford Fusion with an eco boost.


1. Dodge Viper ACR (MK2 or MK3)

I need a wild car, with a manual gearbox and a big engine. And with good dynamics. So, that’s my car of choice.

2. Mazda Cosmo (JC) Type-E

And of course, I can’t left a rotary car! And more a 3-rotor one!

So, why the Cosmo, and not an RX7 or other rotary mazda? Easy: more exotic, a less stressed and usable engine, and is a very comfortable and stylish GT!

3. McLaren F1

Best supercar ever. Nothing more to say. A driver’s car.


GIB :clap:

ME :clap:

THAT :clap:


In my book the Countach is the best Supercar. The McLaren F1 is the FIRST and best Hypercar.


5 MPG if you are lucky

thats a good one

are you ablle to fit in there?
(still a good one tho)


Now that the Australian car industry is (mostly) dead, I feel like reviving this thread by listing the three Australian-made cars I would want to have in my garage the most:

Daily Driver: 2017 HSV GTS-R

This was a tough one - there are many cars which could fulfill this role - but I chose the GTS-R because it represented the best that Holden (or any Australian volume manufacturer, for that matter) could ever have done. Besides, the LS9-engined W1 may actually be too rare (300 examples in all) and track-focused for daily use, what with its specialized tires and dampers not being of much use in the wet or on rough roads. And the standard GTS-R, unlike the W1, was exported to Britain (as the Vauxhall VXR8 GTS-R), if only briefly, with just 15 examples being sold there.

Vintage Car: Ford Falcon XC Cobra

If there’s a Holden on this list, then surely there has to be a Ford, and this one is particularly significant because it was the last two-door Falcon to actually go into production (although Ford made a one-off 300+ Coupe based on the much-maligned AU back in 2001). The GT was dropped for this generation of Falcon, but the Cobra was a more than worthy substitute, especially with its eye-catching blue-on-white color scheme. And it was the last model in the XA/XB/XC line made famous by the Mad Max movies.


Track Car: Brabham BT62

This one earned its place on my list by default because, in the entire history of Australian car manufacturing, there is quite literally nothing like it. In fact, it’s not only Australia’s first successful supercar, it’s also currently Australia’s only car, period, even though it’s not street-legal from the factory and will be produced in very limited examples (70 in total). Besides, nobody’s ever heard of Brabham for the past quarter-century, and the BT62 would be the best (only?) way to (re)introduce the brand to automotive enthusiasts worldwide. It sounds and goes as fast as it looks, and then some - which makes its multi-million-dollar price tag worth it. Most importantly, though, it represents that it is still possible, with the right amount of financial backing and expertise, for Australia to produce a truly world-class car of any kind.

The world will most definitely forever be worse off without mainstream Aussie muscle, but we shudder to think how it could have been even worse still if they had never been built at all in the first place.


My updated list. Like before, I don’t necessarily want 3 specific cars, but I have 3 specific roles to fill. Here it is:

Daily with some pep in its step

A hot hatch or sport sedan. Can transport me and my stuff fairly easily and return decent mileage without sacrificing fun factor.

Requirements: Front or Rear wheel drive, manual transmission, mid 20s MPG (US), minimum of 4 doors.

Preferences: Hatchback or wagon body style, manual cloth seats, I6 engine.

Offroader/winter beater

A pickup or SUV that can be used for mild offroading or as a daily in the snow. Also should be able to move most things too big for the daily and tow another car if need be.

Requirements: 4X4, decent ground clearance, minimum 3,000 lb towing capacity.

Preferences: Manual transmission, tailgate mounted spare tire (SUV), body on frame construction.

Project Car
Something I can fix up/restore

Preferences: Depends on what I feel is the most interesting/entertaining thing I can find at the time.

Overall requirements/preferences

Requirements: Must be easily serviceable, must be practical enough to be used as a daily in a pinch, must be easy to modify, must be exciting to drive in some fashion, must be at least decently reliable.

Preferences: Low purchase price (sub-$2500), built from the mid 80s to the early 2000s.

Obviously I’d have more than 3 cars IRL, but that’s condensing it down as best as possible.


Daily, longer distance driving


Summer car

Daily, City driving