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Z2's ride, Honda Civic EG


Welp, since I’ve posted in Discord and it would be some side dish.
I’d like to introduce my 92 Honda Civic EG (Sedan)

not that VTAK kicked in yo, but soon™

(that was on fresh new paint, after I’ve sent this to be resprayed and took a bit chunk of my money)

First of all I’ve driven many cars, from large V8 muscle car (my dad’s '73 Pontiac Firebird TransAM which I took it for joy ride), rare and wild car like Volvo 240 GLT Turbo, and some N/A cars, but this is quite a bit special to me.

Before buying this, I was driving my 02 7th gen Civic (ES) with leasing plan for 5 years, but major financial crisis hit me so hard and I’ve decided to terminate the leasing plan, despite of having just another 2 years left. (I’d not suggest leasing second hand car, the interest rates are too high)

But, there’s rainbow after the storm, I’ve got huge paycheck which I can buy another car in cash (within very tight budget)
For all I’ve search for, the EG wasn’t my first choice as too many were “riced”, and I was looking for AE92 Corolla GTi (yeah, in Thailand the GTi was equipped with 4AGE “Red Top”)

But… at that time, my bookmarked Corolla GTi was gone, so I’ve look elsewhere until I’ve founded this EG on the sale for cheap!
I’ve forgot to take the picture when I’ve seen the car for the first time, but the paint condition was not that good, even I’ve tried to use the buffing compound it would not help that much.
But this car catches my eyes for two reasons. Stock condition (all factory installed, no modification) and Manual transmission, in which very rare to see something this nice.
So I’ve negotiated with the previous owner, and took for a test drive which ended up with the deal for 52,000 THB (1680 USD) with a rare JDM windows (as you can see the brownish side windows) to me.

There is a catch, I’d not consider “Bangkok” lincense plate in the selection as most of them are “riced” (I can’t blame, it’s a nice car and has tons of aftermarket parts), but this one is carried with rural license plate which owned by a nice lady before being sold to previous owner, who prefer keeping it stock.

(I’ve took it for a night drive before new year’s eve, as having very few traffic)

Now, this little EG comes to my hands. And first thing to be notice, the painting needs some TLC. I’ve paid a bit for respray which gave the nicer looks. The headlining was sagging that bad, I’ve sent to upholstery (but if you notice there is some “sagging” on the leading edge to the windshield, I’ll figure the way to fix that)

Apart from the body works, the engine just only needs some refreshments, a new semi synthetic oil, new spark plugs, battery, clutch that’s it! And this guy is pulling stong.

There are many things to be done with this (brake upgrade, suspension, rims (I need VTi 5 spokes)


if it were to be painted red, would it immediately ram the car in front?
(Shingo Shoji stuff)

sorry… had to do it




Nice Ferio! Enjoy It!


Nice car, my brother got a VTI ferio (EG9) a few years ago, this car was very cool, I regret so hard he sold it :frowning:



At first there was red EG on sale (my favourite colour), but it was sold.


Legend has it that if you say “Cool Vibrations” in your rear view mirror 3 times, Shingo will appear and bump you.

And as a former EG owner myself, they’re very fun cars.


Welcome to the Automation Honda Owners Club (or rather, welcome back :wink: ), that is a really nice example you’ve managed to get your hands on. Happy driving!


Indeed!™ Congrats on the purchase & good luck with it!


Just a bit update and some more inspiration

Couple days ago, my car sputtered and died on the highway. Luckily I’ve got some people tow me (yeah, oppotunist guys made me paid for 2500 THB, that’s worth for 2 gas tanks) to my dad’s garage for fixing.

Turned out, my fuel pump is dead along with faulty distributor coil. Those are from the factory since '96, good job and well done for their service.

As this car is turning to 3rd year of ownership in next year (actually, March of next year), I need to refresh and doing some upgrade (and for some future proofing) for things to come.

Here is my inspiration…

Yeah, JDM VTI Spec is much more affordable for me which I can focus more on mechanics like suspension, brakes, tires and engine.
But after research, UK’s VTi’s spec is also 1.6L (with B16A) which is nice and I like that.

There are things that I’ve shortlisted to do/buy.

  • “Single arm” front seats. (That’s JDM spec, still affordable than SiR’s “Black seats”)
  • Cloth Grey rear seats
  • Plastic trim on my rear trunk, it’s missing and need to fix trunk’s issue as well.
  • Finding some “Wing” of my trunk. (this should be ok, either attached with the trunk or separated)
  • SiR’s front lip (there are replicas for me, this is easy one)
  • Buying some nice rim + decent tyres, I’ve decided to use Civic RX’s rims. (yeah… it’s from EK but very nice OEM looks, I don’t want to have “ricer look” as this is my daily car)
  • Buying some arm rest and “flip open” cupholder style lower console (currently I dont’ have one, this is quite crucial as I need some storage and comfort and need a nice storage for some bubble tea!)
  • Buying Automatic HVAC (JDM spec again, only auto fan speed) along with change to my thermostat.
  • Changing my rear brakes from drum to disc. (along with front disc from SiR)
  • If possible, I’d find some nice damper or better springs (not lowered), coilovers would be the best choice.
  • Finally, B16A engine + Mugen Hyperloop exhaust (I like smooth sound, this is my preference)

Welp, that’s looooooong way to go for me… and I’d better have tons of savings.

I plan of buying another EG shell for some EV conversion as well, perhaps in next 2 years.