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Ze anson car company


heyo, i’m new to the automation car forums (i have made this account 1 year ago, asked a stupid question and has been inactive ever since) and i’m starting a car company. unfortunately, i am not creative enough to think of a proper car company name, hence, the anson car company.

i have owned the game for 1 year and have achieved a playtime of almost 200 hours, and i might not be the most experienced car builder. (i am younger than you think) so, any constructive criticism for improvements is always welcome.

the anson car company was created in 2000 by anson, a college student that has been obsessed with vehicles since childhood. after internships in many car companies, and having experience in car design, mechanical engineering and as a manager, he felt like cars were simply “not good enough” for the technology that was available, and started his own car company. his philosophies were to push the limit of technology and technical design on his vehicles while keeping quality high, and costs low. after an instant success on the market, the anson car company has expanded to being international. today, the anson car company keeps up its success and retains its core philosophies.

expect cars coming real soon



this is the 2019 anson seda. the name came to mind when the founder, anson, misspelled the word sedan. however, stupid name aside. this sedan’s standard trim comes standard with LED headlamps, 17 inch chrome wheels, genuine leather seats, 8 speakers, and a 2.0L inline 4 turbocharged engine producing **212 horsepowers with a fuel efficiency of 5.6L/100km. (42 mpg)

the seda series is focused on futuristic design, drivability, and a great drivetrain.

the seda comes in 4 trims that vary widely. the standard trim is a premium introduction to the seda series, having an MSRP of $26500.

the luxury trim is a full-on luxury vehicle, equipped with a 3.6L boxer 6 twin turbo engine with outstanding efficiency, everywhere in the car is designed for personal enjoyment. nappa leather seats come standard, a 20-inch touchscreen in the dashboard, hydropneumatic suspensions, along with 21 speakers. MSRP 100k.

the RS trim is an extremely quick sports version of the seda, it is equipped with a 2.5L boxer 6 engine that is twin turbocharged and produces 465 horsepower. however, just because that it’s a speed demon, we didn’t skimp on anything else. it comes equipped with suede bucket seats, 12 speakers, a 10-inch screen mounted in the dashboard and active suspensions. MSRP 80k.

the GT1 trim is a non street legal version of the seda designed to participate in the FIA GT1 championship. even as a sedan, the GT1 trim is unbelievably sporty. boasting almost 700 horsepower from a twin turbo 4.0L V8, and gripping almost 500kg to the ground at max speed due to the extreme aero equipped on the car.

the car files are available right here for download, and to convert to BeamNG drive vehicles. the cars have been fully tested to work and you will definitely have a blast driving them around on the track (especially the RS and the GT1 trim)
seda - GT1.car (41.3 KB)
seda - RS.car (40.3 KB)
seda - premium.car (33.0 KB)
seda - standard fwd.car (37.4 KB)

*Standard trim shown.
**In-game stats.