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Zenshi Automotive Japan - ゼンシ


Bold. Chic. Light and nimble. Some of the many qualities a car as small as the Zenshi can offer. Life isn’t limitless, so how about you go far?



Zenshi Altaris (4th generation, WZ805L), 2017-

The Zenshi Altaris serves as Zenshi’s current MPV in the market, from 1996 to the present, being the replacement of the Taiko Venara.

The WZ805L Altaris made it’s debut in the 2015 Toyko Motor Show as the Zenshi Multirole concept. Using a modified chassis from the Masada, the 7 seater is surprisingly agile and snappy for a family hauler.

What made the Altaris unique from it’s competition is the fact that it is natively RWD, and also comes standard with a manual transmission. While Zenshi wanted to make a car for large families back in 1994, they also didn’t want to exactly lose all driving spirit with it. They still carry on this tradition for the fourth generation.

The fourth generation Altaris is also the most different model from it’s series due to the fact that it removes the sliding rear doors it once had, replacing them for standard folding open rear passenger doors. This, along with it’s high roof and brutish shape, makes the Altaris almost seem like a low riding crossover, when it isn’t.

The Altaris, unlike most of Zenshi’s cars, follows it’s own design. While it still retains some elements of Shinka design within it, the iconic grille and overall lightwork is almost completely absent. This unknown design, designed by Norihiko Kobayakawa, who designed the previous generation Kamata, gives the Altaris a more “premiumized” aura around it.

The Altaris comes with 3 engine options: the 2.5L QS25GDA I4 making about 210 HP, the turbocharged version, the QS25GDAT, making 310 HP, and the 3.5L VS35GDA V6 making 320 HP. The GTS-25T trims and GTS-35M trims are what can be considered the split ends of the Altaris’s trim options. the QS25GDAT for the hardcore sports family man, and the VS35GDA for the luxurious family cruiser. All engines have a choice of either the standard 6-Speed Manual or the 6-Speed AvanTec, as well as the option to add an SM-AWS all wheel drive system with it.

Standard equipment for the Altaris includes an 8 inch touchscreen with multifunction display capabilities, premium cloth upholstery, and a leather wrapped steering wheel. Upgrades include leather upholstery, power front row seating, power tailgate, rear entertainment system, heated/cooled seats as well as heated steering wheel, and a Nakamichi audio system.

Chassis Code: XWZ805L
Drivetrain: FR, AWD
Weight: 1593-1822 kg

Engines: QS25GDA 2.5L I4, QS25GDAT 2.5L I4 Turbo, VS35GDA 3.5L V6
Power: 215 HP @ 6000 RPM, 320 HP @ 7100 RPM, 328 HP @ 7600 RPM
Torque: 189 lb-ft @ 5300 RPM, 298 lb-ft @ 3600 RPM, 257 lb-ft @ 4500 RPM

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual, 6-Speed AvanTec
0-100 km/h: 7.9s - 5.3s
80-120 km/h: 5.5s - 3.7s
Top Speed: 209 KM/H (2.5L), 244 KM/H (2.5T), 242 KM/H (3.5L)

Fuel Economy: (Ci/Co/HW)
25/27/32 MPG (2.5)
24/26/31 MPG (2.5 AWD)
23/25/27 MPG (2.5T)
21/22/25 MPG (3.5)
20/21/24 MPG (3.5 AWD)


So this is essentially a Honda Odyssey with a chilli shoved in the back of the exhaust?


A rear-drive minivan? The audacity of the idea behind it is surely to be applauded… in this day and age!


Coupled with an extra bit of crazy.


But not exactly uncommon. Many Cargo Vans are RWD by default, and many have people Carrier Versions available. But some actual Minivans also had RWD due to the Magic of platform sharing, par ex. The early Mazda MPV, Mercedes R-Class and Nissan Elgrand, and who could forget the almost legendary Toyota Previa.


I don’t know if the R-Class is still being made, but the current gen Elgrand (2010-) switched over to FWD.

Afaik the only full on family hauler MPV that’s native RWD that’s being sold to this day is the Mercedes Metris.


Coming soon…


What could this beautiful creature be on the right?


Zenshi Magis (3rd Generation, XIG23), 2017-

The Magis is a premium midsize sedan created by Zenshi in 1998 as a car focused in the premium luxury department, focusing on pure comfort over pure performance. Outside of Japan, it is known as the Hyperion.

Like most of their other recent releases, Zenshi revealed the XIG23 Magis through a livestream through their social media channel. The third generation, compared to it’s previous versions, is radically different, now utilizing it’s own take of the Shinka design, and is lighter and more agile compared to what it used to be.

Built under a new version of the IG platform, which is based off the Altrea’s AZ platform, The Magis was built with one thing in mind: comfort. Compared to most of Zenshi’s lineup, the Magis is an extremely soft ride, made with complete care that the passengers won’t be as disturbed through turns when cornering compared to other vehicles.

Inside, it could be said that the insides of the Magis since 1998 could be similar to that of a full-size sedan in terms of size, all within a midsize sedan. How Zenshi managed with this is by making the car front wheel drive rather than the traditional rear wheel drive they did with their other larger cars.

Like the 1st generation, the XIG23 Magis utilizes two engine options available for use. The base model uses a 220 HP 1.8L Turbocharged I4 known as the QS18-GDAT, and the high end engine option is the ZY35-GDA 3.5L V6, which makes a strong 320 HP, and both are mated to a 6-Speed AvanTec transmission.
3.5L V6 models have the option to go AWD with the SM-AWS system.

The Magis is a car specifically made for people who want to drive in style, but want to go for the more sophisticated route over the wild life, and it shows. Standard equipment include leather upholstery, 8" touchscreen w/ navigation, dual zone climate control, power driver and passenger bucket seats, auto dimming mirror, and heated steering wheel. Optional equipment include Nakamichi surround audio, 80 GB hard drive, power tilt/telescopic steering wheel control, auto folding mirrors, heated/cooled front seats, heated rear seats, and blind spot collision warning.

Chassis Code: XIG23
Drivetrain: FF, AWD
Weight: 1647-1861 kg

Engines: QS18GDAT 1.8L I4 Turbo, ZY35GDA 3.5L V6
Power: 220 HP @ 7600 RPM, 320 HP @ 7500 RPM
Torque: 180 lb-ft @ 4600 RPM, 250 lb-ft @ 4800 RPM

Transmission: 6-Speed AvanTec
0-100 km/h: 7.1s - 5.5s
80-120 km/h: 4.7s - 3.7s
Top Speed: 222 KM/H (1.8T), 252 KM/H (3.5L)

Fuel Economy: (Ci/Co/HW)
25/29/34 (1.8T)
22/26/32 (3.5L)
22/25/30 (3.5L SM-AWS)

Japanese MSRP:
Starting from ¥3,807,290 (~$33,490)

Confirmed Colours:
Depth Blue Metallic
Storm Blue Pearl
Rosen Red II Metallic
Royal Green Pearl
Frosty White Pearl
Premium Mocha Pearl
Ultimate Black


Zenshi’s website has revealed something in the front page just recently:


On first impressions alone, the Magis/Hyperion is a good choice for anyone looking for a mid-sized family car. I wonder how well it will do against something from, say, Kimura?


2019 Zenshi Altrea Reveal

Introducing the 2019 Altrea.

For the 2019 model year, the Altrea has underwent a heavy facelift all over the exterior. The design team, with some help from ZMD, has evolved the shinka design innate to the car even further to give it a sharper, aggressive, and perhaps, more mature look.

Apart from the body, the another main improvement included in the Altrea is the engine options. The QS25GDA has been refined for the upcoming new version, while not receiving much change in power (218 HP from 215), it now has a slighter edge on efficiency, allowing the Altrea to save fuel much better than before. The updated 3.0L Turbo is still currently in the works, but is reported to be stronger and more efficient.

Both the Altrea and Altrea Touring is expected to come early 2019 in Japan, and mid 2019 worldwide.

Comparision of the current model year Altrea to the 2019 revision

Confirmed colours





Looking much smarter now than the current model.


The facelifted Altrea looks better than it used to… I can’t wait for the flagship Newman! Lets hope that Ramune Blue Mica, the signature color of any high-performance Zenshi, is retained this time.


Pre order now!


Zenshi #24 ZMD Raizan X1 LMGTE '18

photocreds to @ramthecowy