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Zenshi Automotive Japan - ゼンシ


Zenshi Mikli (3rd Generation, MU5, MU6), 2016- (2017 Facelift, MU6)

The third generation Mikli was released mid-2016 to replace the outgoing model. Shape wise, not much has changed from the first gen, it’s boxy shape being an “essential element” of the car.

The Mikli’s naming designation goes by ascending numbers, including facelifts. For example, the 1st generation Mikli went by the codename “MU1.” When it underwent it’s facelift in 2000, it became “MU2.”
The MU6 Mikli underwent some heavy design changes, with the front lights and grille now similar to the one seen with the Sport RS model. The main highlight with the 2017 facelift is the rear now bearing a similar design to that of the Magis and Altaris.

Since it first came out in 1997, the Mikli was rather different from the other mainstream Kei cars in that it utilized a sliding rear door instead of a traditional folding one. Zenshi believed that it aided in allowing drivers gain access to the second row with much hassle in situations like tight parking and so on.

G and GS trims utilized a naturally aspirated version of the LV06, the LV06GDA, which made about 57 HP. the GT and Sport RS trims use the newly-made LV06GDAT, which makes 63 HP and is much more efficient than it’s previous variant. All models have an option to use either a 6-Speed Manual or a 6-Speed AvanTec transmission. The Sport RS model utilizes an SM-AWS system, while the other models have it as an option.




Amazing work with that photoshop @ramthecowy, makes the Raizan look so slick!


Thank you :grin:

I would like to point out that the image was originally in >4k res, and is available in that size :yum:


I would love a copy!


Not sure if imgur will let you download the original 4417x2700px image


Yep, that works thanks!


#A Motoring Man’s Meanderings

###Review: Zenshi Altra Newman R
“Because whatever you do in life, you still want to be driving something that looks - and feels - like it just came out of NFSU2”

Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)

on the topic of the Newman R…


If only some of the brighter exterior colors available for the Mikli were offered on other Zenshi models… While an Altrea Newman R in Shocking Pink would look ridiculous, Brilliant Cosmos Mica, Zesty Orange Pearl, Top Banana and Matcha Green Mica all would suit its sportier, more aggressive demeanor very well indeed!


Brilliant Cosmos Mica is already offered in other Zenshi models! And some of the other bright colours can be found with other models as well!


Do you have any cars that could compete with a 205 mph stock car from 1970? I need a car that could historically compete with the 1971-1972 Calvinator Model C Lauriville before it got banned in 1972.


Zenshi found no point in making a high end in the 70s, as they prioritized driving emotion and pleasure over high speeds and 0-100 KM/H times.

So in other words,



This car was the Fastest till 1972 when it was banned. What was your fastest then?


give me your laptime around the ATT and I might answer.


2 minutes 22.15 seconds. At the Automation Test Track.


And this is a stock car that was banned from being too fast?

I have a production car in 1968 that tops out at 189 km/h (117 MPH) and can go around the track in 2 minutes 39 seconds.

While this is a slower lap time, I’d expect a stock car of sorts go way faster than a time difference of 17 seconds.


what was it?


The 1968 Grandea GT2000 Special. It has a 2.0L I6 making barely 200 HP.


Bloody Japanese and their Motorcycle engines…


Altrea Newman R (AZ50A) '19

What is the better colour?

  • Ramune Blue Mica
  • Matcha Green Mica

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