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Zephorus Autos Photo Dump


Something I should of posted a while back but didn’t.

Zephorus 2.7 Azuma S


This build happened because of some inspiration off EddyBT’s CSR van, it was pretty cool so I built my own Dakar style rally truck. There was a supercar that I made also, but it needs a bit of a redesign, it was the first one I did and I didn’t expect it to look quite as cool as it did :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really a name for this one.


And once again i’ve fallen behind in updating this, oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Zephorus SLS

Purple Carbon
Pure sound

Time at the Goodwood Hillclimb is a 47.65 (or maybe 41.01 im not sure what im meant to be looking at)


Zephorus Reticolo


Zephorus Traveller


Zephorus Y - Z12
A continuation of the Y - X Series


Zephorus Super Speciale
I ended up changing the rear because it looks far too similar to a ferrari than i wanted it to, but I don’t have pictures of that, yet.
Panoramic roof anyone?

Also a race version


Almost forgot! I redesigned the very first car that I made in this thread, and to be honest the end result is exactly as I imagined it to be. Perfection.
Zephorus Z - S


I’m sure ill make a dedicated thread for this kind of thing, but for now i’ll stick it here.
Paint,net edits

This one has to be possibly my favourite, 80’s retro Zephorus Ad.

Oh yes… This one deserves its own post…


Now, this isn’t my car i’ll say that now. But it is slightly improved. Mainly specs wise Zephorus tuned up this beast of a car, now running over 1000hp instead of 900, this V10 can rev to 11k and is the pinnacle of car design.

Di Inferi Prototipo Dieci Rumore Bianco
Quite a mouthful.

Its white noise in the best form.


I gotta say, even though I have more cars that I could post I don’t feel like doing it just yet, so instead I’ll ask:
Have you got any cars that could do with a tune up from Zephorus? I’m all out of ideas and have been for a little bit now, so I wouldn’t mind spicing up some peoples cars, and if it turns out really good then maybe we could make another car together.

The offered things are - Engine tuning, performance upgrades and Visual upgrades.
Im talking, you give me a something you’ve designed (or preferably a supercar) and I turn it into some wild racecar, or hypercar machine. I should probably make a different thread for this.
If you wanted a car tuned just dm it to me, dont reply to this thread with it.

Link: Zephorus Unique Automotive

Examples of this:
@Boiled_Steak’s 2003 Kanda Concept

Turned into a Kanda Panda

And then this

I hope i gave these car files back to you steak if i havent then im really sorry lol

Another example is the Rumore Bianco
(above) Zephorus Autos

I also helped make part of @Sunder92’s Archangelus II
A 2019 Hypercar that was already stunning I was tasked with “finishing it”
To be honest I thought it was finished already, but I had a go anyway.


If you’re not confident with your abilites to make a car which has an idea behind it, if you draw cars or whatever you can show me a bunch of cars which you took inspiration from and ill try to make it. I’ve made cars from drawings before.
Lets see what you lot have! If anyone bothers to send anything


Everything here blows my mind - but your tuning jobs on other users’ supercars fill me with awe, to say the least. You took some of the fastest, sleekest cars you’ve seen and made them even more awesome than before - a glorious achievement in itself, but mind-boggling after considering the sheer amount of detail you put into your own cars.


Its not easy! I gotta say I’ve been stuck for quite a while on some of these builds :smile: Thanks for the kind words!


Zephorus BW
A super quick build, I was struggling for inspo. Also the whole car is black or white (or carbon) so yup, theres that.


Zephorus V.16
A unique supercar to challenge all that pull alongside at the race track, or the street.

its basically another Zonda like the Z X12 and Z Y12

Time for a large spam of cars again.


Zephorus idk Sport
A big sort of sport truck for ripping on the highway

I guess I might as well start to post stuff that im not that proud of too. Just to show that I’m not actually that brilliant :expressionless:


Zephorus LMP900

Got stuck for ages on this body and then kinda finally figured it out. Looks weird without a seat, but thats no tin top stuff for you.


Zephorus EVE
This was actually the first time I used the Laf body, I liked the rear but the front lacked aggression in the same way as the back.

This was the first car I made straight after release of the new update, so all my presets were broken. Which is probably why you can see a few new angles in the latest posts :smile:


Zephorus Dirt
Im so original ikr
Some weird ute dirt racer


Zephorus Pugg
I dont know what I was on when I named this. Anyway, two varients.