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Zephorus Autos Photo Dump


Zephorus S - SX
Inspired by the Speedtail


Here’s a shitty 155 replica + livery


Time for some random stuff… Like a tank?
This works in beam suprisingly too.


Zephorus Raven
I’m sure you’ve seen this in a post somewhere. Maybe I didn’t upload it, but discord has seen far too much of it.
Its another plane but its proper this time. Better looking than B1 Alphas spaceships imo :wink:

Ya wonder how? nah… Oh okay its a shit ton of scoops on the evil speedster concorde body.


Zephorus F1
Okay, this is a lot of pictures but I dont care. The red one is like a 70’s F1 car and the Blue one is meant to be modern, obviously the modern one isnt that accurate but it sure looks cool.
(drop down has 20 pictures or so)


Turbo 6 and 8
Some groub B style rally cars.


Zephorus R7 S
Essentially a modern rally car ft. some rip off livery spoon


Zephorus Ragnarok
Sticking with the theme of rally. Here is this beast.


  1. You’re going too fast to really appreciate the unbelievably great designs here. I cannot even find time to be jealous properly.

  2. I want to drive the Ragnarok, and the F1s, and the Rally cars (and a bunch more, but they the most).


Zephorus W - X8
Basically a Mazda Furai
A million tiny LEDS later


Ahaha, yeah I know im posting too fast, but its just more of a thing to scroll through rather than wait patiently for a post :smile:
Like a catalogue.


Zephorus Allez
Back to the super original names.
One of my very rare creations, simply because its basically the only 70’s thing I have.


Zephorus Venom
Basically a cobra.


Zephorus Z1
Some late 90’s Supercar
Custom popups :wink: :sunglasses:


Gets weird again. dont judge me pls


Some unnamed thing, but basically GT40.
I have a red varient too for alfa, but i dont have pictures of it.




Zephorus SB - X
Back when Wagon mafia was a thing on the discord.

Alrighty. This should of been it for stuff i haven’t posted. I might have stuff for B1 Alpha, but right now I can’t be bothered.
Hopefully the next lot of stuff is brand new.


Zephorus Cruiser
This is a slightly more realistic name but still just unoriginal

I always call black on black on black trims Mafia, just sounds cool.


Clearing your backlog of designs has paid off for you - everything here so far is simply amazing!